Holes in cabling?

i hope this is where i should put this… i just have a question…

I recently knitted a cabled tea cozy, my first cabling, and was distressed to find holes at the top and bottom of my cables. Now before i go ahead and cable anything else, i was wondering if they are supposed to be there? I thought it was maybe because of the size of the yarn i used (just getting used to that word, i call everything wool :oops: ), but there is no possible way to pull the stitches at the join any tighter without snapping the yarn (i know… that would be amazing if i managed that on this stuff!!)

Does this always happen, even with a smaller guage yarn, are they supposed to be there, or have i pooed things up somehow :??

Holes and pulled out stitches happen with cable; knitting too tightly might actually make it worse. As you knit more rows it will probably relax a little and certainly will when you wash or block it.


There does tend to be holes when you cable because of the pulled, crossed stitches, but they usually blend it okay when it’s all done. What type of yarn is that? Maybe that makes a difference. Not sure though. :thinking:

I found another thread about it.
Cabling holes

Jan, its by Lang Yarns and it’s called Filo… it’s a cotton/acrylic blend which recommends using 8 to 10mm needles (not sure what that is in US sizes). I knitted them up on a 6mm though… hopefully they will shrink up a bit once blocked, as everyone says, and i will try knitting the crossovers a little looser, see if that makes any difference (although, i definately would not have thought looser myself, so thankyou)

There will be a gap there, regardless of how tight you knit because you’re not really joining the stitches in that row–they’re being knit out of order, so there’s a space.

Most excellent - thank you for your responses.

Now i can stop bashing myself around for not doing it right!! :wall: