Holes in Blanket

I’m knitting a very basic baby blanket, its a diagonal blanket in garter stitch and the 4th St is a yarn over.

I’m knitted about half the blanket and see that there are maybe 3-4 holes randomly in between, as if I yarned over instead of knitting them.

Is there anyway to fix these after I complete the blanket?

At this point I think the only thing you can do duplicate stitch over that spot. Duplicate stitching is taking some yarn with a yarn needle and following the path of the yarn. It may leave a little bump because it’ll be thicker in that spot.

You can’t fix them after you’re done (unless you sew them closed), but if you’re only a couple rows past them you can drop the st above the hole and it will stop at the YO. Then work the extra yarn into the sts on either side. It should even out when you wash the blanket when you’re done.

Thanks guys, I’ll wait till I finish the blanket and work on duplicating the stitch if it looks bad.