Holes are too big to thread tails in. What do I do?

Well, I asked a similar question last time and I never checked again, so thanks to everyone who replied!

I watched the videos on how to thread the ends back in (I did long-tail cast on), but I realized I have a problem.

I used big needles, so the spaces in between are really big. It wouldn’t stick in there like I saw on the video.

What do I do? Thanks!!!

Maybe your tail is too short? Just thread the tail into a couple sts next to it as best you can. Or maybe you can thread it into the caston itself.

Hi, thanks for the reply! No, the tail is long enough, but the spaces in between the stictches are big and the yarn is stretchy so the tail’s not really going to stay…

Don’t weave it into the holes, weave it into the stitches themselves.

Ok thanks I’ll try!