"HOLE"y Moley shoulder/collar

So I need to know if this is just me or if most knitters run into this problem.

Every sweater I’ve ever done I’ve run into this:

So after joining the shoulder seams (usually 3-needle bind off method), and picking up and knitting the stitches for the collar along the right front neck line, and while knitting the row of live stitches from the stitch holder for the back- the first and last of these stitches (in other words, the stitches that are right next to the shoulder seam on each side) have large holes appear (seems to always be worse on the left shoulder). And I inevitability end up pulling the loop tight on the wrong side, and either cut it and tie a knot, or use excess yarn from the seams to kind of sew it shut.

Hopefully I’m making sense. I don’t a picture of a current project to that point, but I’m trying to avoid the problem next time before I get there.

Has anyone else run into this?


You can pick up sts with a smaller needle, or twist them as you pick them up, or pick up a few extra then decrease them the next row/round.

It’s not the picked up stitches that are the problem.

A hole is made because the stitch next to the shoulder seams (the [B]live[/B] stitches on the back, [B]just the first and last from the stitch holder, because they are adjacent to the stitch that was caught up in the shoulder seam[/B]) become very loose from being pulled when the stitches that become part of the shoulder seam are sewn together.

If this is completely not making sense, I’ll try to get a picture of the sweater my sister is working on. She has a hole too.

A picture would be good.