Hole in Prayer Shawl


Hi, I recently had breast cancer and my Aunt and Uncle put my name into their churches prayer group. About two and half months later I received a beautiful prayer shawl, someone made for me and prayed over it for my health without even knowing me. It honestly made me ball my eyes out to know that there are still people out there that still care about their fellow man. Any ways, I wear this shawl all the time, as I was on the couch today on the computer I noticed a big hole in it. There are no loose threads to pick up, just a big hole. I have been knitting for about 5-6 years, not all my projects come out well but I try. I have a sweater I have been working on for about 5 years now, you have to cast on over 500 stitches, it is a sweater made in the round, I am a perfectionist so if I make a mistake I take it all apart. Hence the 5 years.

Anyways, the newbie that I am, I have never been good at picking up dropped stitches, my mom does not live close and even when she is here I still don’t get what she is talking about. So I thought if I could put a photo o here of the hole maybe someone could help me try and fix it. I just love this shawl and would hate to just put it away into a box and let it sit for Lord knows how long. I appreciate any help any of you could give me and would try my hardest to understand what you are saying and do what needs to be done to fix this.

Hi and welcome to the forum!
That is a lovely thought and such a kind gift to receive.
It looks like you could pick up the loose loop that is farthest to the right in the photo and then ladder up through the loose strands to its left until you get to the next anchored stitch. Connect the loop to that anchored stitch with some similar yarn or some sewing thread (3-4 sewing sts won’t be noticeable).

Use a crochet hook if you have one or some knitting needles.

That’s what I would do, just pick up the loose stitches where the hole is, and knit them the best you can so it will blend in with the rest of the shawl.:knitting:

Thanks Ladies for answering, I greatly appreciate you time and info. As I said before I truly am a “Newbie”. I will attempt to fix this in the manner that you said and watching the video but I am not even sure where to pick up since there are 3 or 4 loose strands running vertically through the hole.

See if you can pin the area around the loose threads down to a board or a towel. Then look at the strands and see if you can tell the order of the rows from right to left in your photo. You want to start with the tiny loop at the right which seems to be anchored to the sts around it. Pull the next loose strand to the left through it and then continue pulling the next loose strand to the left through that loop until you get to the anchored sts on the very left. That’s where you’ll need to tack the loop to the knitting with a sewn stitch or two.

LOL Thanks Salmonmac,
I think this actually makes more sense in my brain. I will try this and let you know how I fare. Thanks again.

You might also need a little scrap of yarn or a matching thread to anchor the yarn where it came loose. I’m pretty sure how it needs to go back together, and you should be able to see it easily once you do what salmonmac said. It may have snagged on something, or it may have been a dropped stitch to start with. If you stitch through it with either matching yarn, embroidery floss or the closest thread match you can manage, it should be good to keep you wrapped in love and prayers for many (disease-free) years to come.