Hole in my hats :(

I have made 3 baby hats using circular needles, I love to do it! However, I always end up with a little hole in the top of the hat! Does anybody know what I am talking about? And if so, what am I doing wrong? Please and Thank you <3 Lauralynn:knitting:

Yep, I do. Do another set of decreases before you cut the yarn. Also when you use the yarn needle to go through the stitches do it twice and then cinch it up. Polk the needle through the center and weave in on the inside.

I will try! Thank you so much :hug:

Pull the yarn as tightly as you can when drawing through the loops. It’s perfectly acceptable to do a little bar tack across the hole to close it up. Some knitters put pom poms on it or a big colorful button.