Hole in knitting but have all stitches

Hi, I have noticed a hole in my knitting but all my stitches are there. The hole is about 8 rows down, it’s like one large loop hasn’t joined to anything. Something did happen back there, I seemed to have an extra stitch twisted around another at one point, maybe I dropped the wrong one or got things twisted around. But I most definitely have all stitches at the moment. The disaster seems contained to the one area.

I have tried with a crochet hook and picked up the loose end and poked it around a few things but really there is nothing to join it to? I am wondering if I can twist and tie together somehow on the inside? The yarn is a bit fluffy and imperfect so shouldn’t be highly noticable? :oops: Or is this just a no-no when knitting?

If I can tie it, I am doing a plain stitch, what is the right and wrong side of your project? The side that faces me or faces away from me?


There are no no-no’s in knitting. If you can hide it, then it’s fixed. :teehee:
The right side of the work is what’s facing you. I’d pull that rogue loop to the wrong side and secure it and pretend it never happened. :whistle:

:notworthy: I was hoping someone would come along and suggest I do something very naughty and say it would be okay :muah: