Hole in intarsia, fix or frog back?

Hello everyone, hope you’re well.

I’ve been trying to learn intarsia and I’ve done the front of a sweater (maybe) but I’ve realised there’s a large hole. I know exactly why, it was a point where I knew I should have changed the yarn but I pushed it. Lesson learned! Is this fixable or am I better off frogging back?

Thanks so much!

(Also, im actually impressed I’ve only got one hole in my first attempt so I’m pleased :joy:)


Very impressive intarsia for even an experienced intarsia knitter! And it’s going to be an adorable sweater.
You could try using some black yarn to close up the hole but since you caught the mistake so early, it’s probably better to tink back a two or three rows and fix it. For myself, I always see the mistake in my own work so I’m always happier to re-do the knitting

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Lovely knitting and intarsia. It’s a striking design too.
As salmonmac has said, you are only a couple of rows up from the hole so it’s worth tinking back. If it had been low down I would have suggested to fix with some duplicate stitch.

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Thank you so much! That means a lot. And I’m the same, even if I could fix it up I think that I’d always think about the mistake. Tinking it is!

Thank you so much, you’re very kind! Off to tink! Thanks for the reply.

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Adorable sweater and great job. Thanks for the “how to tink” info. :blush:


I agree. Tinking back is a great idea because every time you see your garment you will see the hole.

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