Hole in hourglass sweater armpits/raglan

I have completed an hourglass sweater. When I was finishing off and doing hems and armpit seam, I ended up with BIG holes at the end of the armpit seam and bottom of raglan. Frustrated, I frogged all of the yoke. My second attempt still has holes in same place. Can anyone help me? What have I done wrong?

With raglans I’ve done, I did have a hole there. It just needs to be sewn closed.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

Do I have to do anything special when I sew it up? I did try this, but wasn’t happy with it, so unpicked it, then unpicked other stitches by mistake, made a huge mess and had to unravel it! Is there a technique I should use, or is it just sewing with whip stitch?

Thanks for your advice (it’s my first jumper, can you tell?)


Everyone starts (and learns) with their first. I just whipstitch it closed–it is in the armpit, after all! :wink: