Hole in center of pre-felted Kitty Pi bed

I am making the Kitty Pi bed . I have completed 12 rounds. As careful as I was in the beginning, I ended up with a hole in the center, about the size of a penny. :??

Do you think the hole will shrink amply during the felting process; or should I perhaps try and weave a piece of yarn across it to tighten it up? My concern in doing that is that I may end up with a “bump”. :thinking:

I’ve never felted before, but I would be inclined to close the hole with extra yarn and risk having a bit of a bump. I’m sure the kitty won’t mind.

I second that emotion. :thumbsup:

Okay, I’ll do that.

Thanks, ladies. :smiley:

I guess the reason I was concerned about the bump was because I crocheted some circular coasters and felted them recently. They also had a slight hole in the circle, smaller than the one in my Kitty Pi bed , and I did weave those holes closed with extra yarn and a crochet hook. After felting, there was a thick bump in the center. They work fine for heavy coffee mugs, which is why I wanted them, but I’d still like to have avoided the bump. :expressionless:

Rennagayle… I’m working on my first kitty pi bed too, finally.

I kind of lost count of the ‘30 rounds’. Do you know approximately how wide/big you made yours before you started decreasing, where it will go up instead of out from then on (the sides)?

I’ve been looking for those statistics that I once read here I think about how much something felts down, size wise. It’s hard to imagine from the felted slippers everyone has been making here and applying it to this bed. I want my bed to be big enough but not too big coz my baby likes smallish baskets and boxes not big things.

well… hm, thinking out loud…

any thoughts would be appreciated!

oops, embarassing moment :blush:
I just went back to the site you listed (where I started in the first place a long time ago) and lo and behold she has the exact inches listed there: 28" in diameter before felting,
felts down to about 17"

excuuuuuuuuuuuuuse me.

Now I’ll go look to see if there’s a hole in mine. I should think that hole will shrink up mostly though when felted.

You’re much farther in yours than I am. I am just past the point of increasing to 144 stitches. I’ve done two rounds of the “30”.

There is a trick in crochet when you do things in the round, you crochet over the top of your tail (also useful if you hate going back and weaving in your ends) and to close up the hole in the middle you just give the tail a little tug, voila! You can find a more detailed description in a back issue of Crochet Me! a free, on-line Crochet magazine.

I’m sure it could be adapted to knit.

Thanks, Adian! I’ll try and find that. I have been wanting to crochet some more coasters to felt, for Christmas presents. Crocheting coasters seems faster to me than knitting them, though as a craft, I prefer knitting. :smiley:

No problem, my first craft is crochet. :wink: