Holding Yarn

With my current project, I can see the stitches are being done, but they’re not consistent. Some are tighter, some are looser, some bend to the side. I’m trying to figure out what causes this, and I’m wondering if it’s how I hold the yarn.

Does it make a difference how you hold it? How tense should you hold the yarn?

Yarn tension is something that comes with practice. Experiment with different ways of holding it, use what feels most comfortable to you. If you find you hold it tightly, use a larger needle; if it’s loose, use a smaller one. And the stitches even out a lot when you wash or block the item after you’re done.

Washing? Really? That’s crazy helpful! :smiley:

Sometimes it’s the yarn. Yarns with a lot of elasticity tend to knit up more evenly; some cottons and blends don’t. Follow Sue’s suggestions and if the stitches still look uneven, consider it the nature of the beast and just think of it as interesting texture.

I totally agree hold it like it’s comfortable. I used to just let it go off my index finger and just fall in my palm, didn’t wrap it at all. Now I wrap it around my pinky, so do what works and feels the best.