Holding yarn while working

I have seen many of you here say that you wrap the yarn around your pinkie or index fingers when holding it while working.

I wrap mine around my two middle fingers (middle and ring) in a big loop. That feels easier to adjust the tension and keep better control for me.

Is there anything wrong with the the way I hold it? Does it matter? Is it a matter of comfort? :thinking:

Nope nothing wrong with it! Whatever works for you is the right way :thumbsup:

I think sometimes it even depends on the yarn you are using. For example the scratchy wool I am working with now would never slide if I wrapped it…just goes over the index finger. More slippery then I wrap it.

No matter what yarn I use, I always wrap the same way. It goes up between my pointer and middle fingers, over my hand around my pinkie then back to hook over my pointer. I don’t know if I learned it anywhere or if it just evolved. Doesn’t matter how you do it–as long as it works for you, there’s no right or wrong. :smiley:

There’s a long discussion in THIS THREAD about how folks hold their yarn. Lots of folks even took pics in order to help Joel out!

KK, thanks!! I knew Joel had a q about it too, but I wanted to see if there was a right or wrong way, because it seems everyone on there wraps around their pinkies or index fingers. I feel like the yarn gets bunched up if I wrap aroung my pinkie, and it just feels comfy around my middle two…so far, all the yarns I have used have felt easiest there.

Thanks for your help, EVERYONE!! :XX: