Holding thread in right hand?

Hi all, first post, I did search but I am probably using the wrong search terms.

Anyway, I used to knit years ago, 20+ and am tring to re-learn what my grandmother taught me. I bought a starter kit, and am doing ok with my stitches, but the problem I can’t seem to manage and it’s making my stichtes uneven, is treading my right hand like it shows in the book. The book I have has 2 methods, and neither are working for me.

For what ever reason, I am not able to tread my fingers and work with the thread. Is there another method?

Thanks in advance, and I look forward to learning here.

Practice, practice, practice. That’s what will make your knitting more even.

There are two styles of knitting, English–with the yarn in the right hand, and Continental, with the yarn in the left hand. They both produce the same knitting, but it’s a personal preference as to which you use. I think as you become more comfortable, you’ll find a way to wrap the yarn that works for you.

Amy has video on both methods.

Thanks I have resorted to holding the yarn in my right hand and giving it some slack for each stitch with is helping, but for the life of me I can’t seem to wrap that yarn and hold it with the methods in the book. URG!

I will practice more, but being a true beginer, it seems impossible at the moment to make it work.

Try different styles. The book is only one way. Some books have you weave it through your fingers, some have you wrap it around your pinky, I wrap it around three of my fingers–hang in there, you’ll find a way.

Ok that’s what the book is wanting weaving through fingers. For the life of me I can’t hold it that way.

What I have been doing is working, I just didn’t know if it would affect anything. When I weave, I get uneven, when I do what I am doing, I get much better results.

Guess nothing is written in stone? :roflhard: I just didn’t want to get into a bad habit at the start.

Thanks again.

Do whatever works best for you and gives you good results. The only rule of knitting is `there are no rules’. At least not any written in stone…


I hold the yarn in my right hand, with the yarn going over my index figer, under the two middle, and over my pinkie…My neighbor does it the opposite way.

When I taught her how to knit she was trying to copy me, and was having the same problem you are having. I told her about 10 times, to hold the yarn how it was comfortable for her, and she finally did. I’m not comfortable her way, and she’s not comfortable my way, but it works for her, and for me.

Everyone has different ways, tensions, etc. In the esteemed words of Mrs. Pearl-McPhee, “we are all unique knitters” :hug:

I hold mine over the index, under the middle, over the ring and curl my little finger around the end. I probably had to try out different ways before that became natural for me years ago.

When I hold the yarn in my left hand, I can do it the same way, but I generally have it over the index finger and hold the yarn along the needle with the rest of the fingers. It’s more natural that way, but I think when I first tried Conti, the stitches were too tight the other way.