Holding the Yarn

I am a knitting newbie who knits in the Continental fashion. I’m going absolutely bonkers with trying to hold my yarn properly for tension.

I’ve tried both methods shown in the knitting help videos but no matter what method I use, I cannot keep the yarn wrapped around my fingers properly. The yarn drops off of my index finger whenever I try to make a stitch. My fingers just don’t seem to be capable of managing tension (and it shows).

I’d appreciate any help or suggestions! I know it cannot really be this difficult?!

I wouldn’t worry too much about it…I’ve been knitting over a year now and I still don’t wrap the yarn around any fingers… :smiley:

I wrap it around my little finger, then across the inside of my fingers and around then over the index finger. It did take getting used to, but you can do it. :wink:

It took me several weeks of knitting constantly to get the hang of it – one day it just “clicked”…I’m sure it will for you too! :smiley:

I just started knitting continentally back in January, and it took me about a month or so to get used to(I used to be a drop, pick-up, wrap, and drop person).

As time goes on you’ll feel more comfortable with it, it just takes time.

any ‘proper’ knitter seeing how I hold the yarn would probably faint! I wrap it twice round my index finger - I just find that easier and I seem to hit the guage target fairly regularly. I did try holding it properly but I just couldn’t get used to it and I didn’t like how it felt in my fingers - it didn’t feel taut enough.

If you can find a way that you feel comfortable with, and that gives you an even tension then just go for it!

=) I used to just hold it between my thumb and pointer finger, but as i knitted more, it just started to make my hand ache too much.
Then i finally forced myself to learn how to adapt the “correct” method to something i could use.
Instead of wrapping around my pinky finger, i first wrap it around my bottom two fingers and then weave it between the rest of my fingers until it comes out over my pinter.