Holding the yarn help!

Ok first off HEYA!! :woot: Im finding it hard to hold on to the needles plus yarn with out it falling out of my hands. Im dealing with thin silky yarn and my hands are just to soft to hold it all. is there some trick you guys use on your fingers to help you hold onto it all? some majic sticky tape or somthing? Would love to learn the secret if you do.
Thanks to all

If you have thin yarn, it’s harder. I’ve been knitting for years, but the first time I tried laceweight, I couldn’t knit with it single stranded or even doubled, I had to triple it to be comfortable. Now I can knit it single stranded on large needles.

It’s just practice I think. Try different methods of holding yarn. I thread it through my fingers - over the index, under middle, over ring, and kind of curl up the little finger around it a little. I can’t wrap it around a finger, it’s way too tight and doesn’t flow smoothly.

I’d have to say it’s mostly practice as well. I do wrap the yarn around around my little finger and over the top of my index finger. I’ve seen it held a lot of different ways though. Everyone kind of does what works for them.

It does definitely take practice but in the meantime, maybe one of those lotions that feel kind of powdery? I’m not sure exactly what they’re called, but, they go on like a liquid lotion but dry quickly leaving a soft, powdery feeling? That might help get a little traction on your hands.

i tend to under my little finger (pinky) over my ring finger under my middle finger and the looped once around my index finger. the only time i dont is wheni hame using coarse or very thick yars which stick too much when i do that!
It is all practice, finding which position works for you and getting used to the feeling of the yarn and the needles though.

I just thought, would perhaps wearing those very thin cotton gloves be of help?

I was having the same problem on Saturday when I was making a kitchen towel with Peaches & Creme cotton. The needle kept falling out of my hand and was annoying me so much that on Sunday I decided to try the Portugese method of knitting, which I saw a thread about on here recently. I practiced for a few minutes and then decided to make another kitchen towel to see how it goes. Well, I love using the Portugese method and am almost finished with my second towel. It’s so much easier to knit when you don’t have to let go of the needles to throw!!! Of course, it took me a little longer to finish the second towel, but I don’t mind if I have to knit slower until I get more experience with the new method.


I’d try wrapping it around different fingers… try a lot of different ways, what works for one of us may not work for you, and what works with one yarn may not work with another… just keep at it, you will get it!

That’s basically what I do too.

Thank you all for your info it is much apriciated. I am a huge Noob at this and trying to find everything i can online. Thanks again :woohoo: