Holding sts and binding off

HI all,

I have never done a sweater pattern in this way so I am unsure how to proceed. I know how to do a cardigan in three sections but not one.

The pattern is Maureen’s Cardigan form Green Mountain Spinnery.

The pattern reads:
ARMHOLES: Work across 35 sts for Right Front, place these sts on a holder and bind off 20 sts; work across 70 sts for Back, place these sts on a holder and bind off 20 sts; work across remaining 35 sts for Left Front.

I understand how to to all of this and I know I will be working one section at a time after this row.

My question is do I [COLOR=“Red”]CUT[/COLOR] the yarn after the first 35 sts and then again after the bound off sts again after the 70 sts, etc. or do I knit all the way across doing the knitting and bind off’s with a single strand of yarn.

Happy knitting…:knitting:

Don’t cut the yarn at all… Work across the first set of sts, BO 20, do the back sts, BO 20 and do the sts for the other front. Then continue to use that yarn for working that L front. When you get that section finished, you can cut if you think it’s the correct length and work the other sections with new yarn ends.

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Thank you so much suzeeq. I appreciate your answer so much!!! [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“Plum”]Happy knitting…[/COLOR]