Hold yarn double?

How do you do this? i found a pattern for the yarn i have so i’m going to try it out. but i don’t exactly know what i am meant to do when it asks me this

“using yarn a held double throughout cast on 38 stitches”

Ok…this might sound like a totes dumb question…but how do you do that

You use 2 strands instead of one, but treat them as one. Either use two balls or the beginning and end of one ball. I’d opt for 2–less tangling.

Once you get going, you won’t even notice that you’re using 2.

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meh can’t use 2…i only have one ball of the colour…hoping its enoughl…i thought i’d make either a mug cosy but then i also came across an iphone cover and thinking about that but it asks for 3.25 mm needles which i don’t have…grrr…so…maybe i’ll go with one of the cosys…i only hope the yarn i have is enough eeep! Hmm…maybe i could make a multicoloured mug cosy would that be easier?

Also the pattern says for the mug cosys that i need 3.75 straight needles…i don’t have that either…do you think using 4 mm would make that much of a difference?

Gauge swatch. If you’re a tight knitter you might make gauge with the larger needles. It might not matter that much anyhow. Give it a go and see. Possible option: Use 2 colors held together for a unique, one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-duplicated, yours-and-yours-alone effect. Play with your yarn and needles and see what you get. You just might like the result of experimentation when you take your knitting fate into your own two hands! Your creativity is just waiting to be unleashed. Be brave, go where no one has gone before. You can do it!

Just tried doing it with two colours and i’m not sure i enjoyed that lol. I’m not a tight knitter so much anymore i don’t think. Ever since i realised knitting too tightly was the reason of my hand/finger pain i’ve started to knit somewhat looser…oh i don’t wanna do a gauge swatch lol! i know i’ll have to at some point anyhow like when i make jumpers but it just seems a bit…time consuming.

Well, since you’re talking about an ipod case or coffee cup cozy, they’re small. If it turns out the wrong size, you can remove/add a few stitches and have another go at it.

Ingrid you are very nice - and helpful :slight_smile: I would probably have thought about that myself i suppose - if i had a brain lol! Ok that’s my project for today I need something to do… we got someone fitting a new roof for our extension so the dog and I are trapped upstairs while they work. i hate the feeling of being trapped in my own house…