Hi there, Just starting here. I’ve been knitting for about 6 months now so I can do anything square. :wink:

just wanted to say hi.

Hi Katie. We’ll have to get you doing more shapes…

Hi. Square is a good start, it means you don’t lose or gain stitches. You picked a great spot to learn new things.

Welcome to Knitting Help!!

Hi Katie and ElenaIuliana and welcome to KH!

Hi Katie and ElenaIuliana!

Katie: square is good. :slight_smile: It can be the basis of many a project. One square can be a dishcloth, several squares linked end to end can be a scarf, and many of them put together can be a blanket for a baby or a bed.

While discovering the beauties of other techniques and shapes I find I keep coming back to the square when I get frustrated with a project and want a quick knit.

ElenaIuliana: welcome back to the wonderful world of knitting!

Welcome all!:hug:

It’s great that you found KH.

Knitting in any form (square or otherwise) is . . . . :woohoo: !!