Hobby Lobby

I don’t know anything about this store. One recently opened near my work so I stopped in today to check it out. Does anyone know anything about the one brand of yarn they sell TLC?? or something. I noticed it was made in Turkey.
Prices were average.

Red Heart makes TLC. I just made a scarf for someone this weekend using that. She chose it, but it wouldn’t be my first choice in making something for myself. I just didn’t like how it felt in my hands. It isn’t a bad yarn, but I prefer their Plush yarn, it is similar but softer. I think TLC is a good afghan yarn.

I don’t know anything about TLC (I don’t use red heart yarns) but I like Hobby Lobby–around here they have a pretty good “craft store” yarn selection.

TLC is made by Red Heart. I’m thinking of doing a sweater in Amore, and possibly one in Essential. I’ve heard that they soften up after you wash them and it would be fairly inexpensive to try out.


You can check out the Hobby Lobby specials on Sunday mornings so you can be prepared to shop on Monday! :wink:

Hobby Lobby brand of yarn is called :Yarn Bee… it comes in many varieties from novelty to yarns to yarns like wool-ease that are a acrylic-wool blend. The majority of their yarns are acrylic or an acrylic blend. They have a nice selction of baby yarns too. If you don’t like their brand they sell red heart and some mo dea yarns. Theydon’t care any "designer " yarns though. They don’t carry many natural fiber yarns. But I like their selection alot. They have many needles to chose from like ?Boyes and Clover bamboos and Bates needles. They also carry all types of yarn “necessities” like stitch markers, row counters, cable needles and etc. They always have some yarn on sale each week.
Check em out and see what you think~! :happydance:

Hobby Lobby has 40% off coupons most weeks, both in the newspaper ad and online to print off. Another way to get a `sale’ price on yarn or needles for your next project.