Hobby Lobby Sale!

I am so excited and confused at the same time! Hobby Lobby has all of their needles at 40% off this week, which includes the Boye NeedleMaster. I REALLY want that set, but being a newbie at knitting, I don’t know if I can justify the cost! Granted, with 40% off, it would knock the price down to around $42.00. My rationale to myself is the fact that my next two projects need circulars or would work better on circulars: a hat and a baby blanket. I NEED AN ENABLER TO STEP UP AND TELL ME TO GET IT!!! I can barely stand it, knowing that I’m stuck here at work and by the time I get there, they’ll probably all be gone!!!


You won’t always be a newbie knitter, right? And when are you going to get another chance like this?! (doing my best to enable!) :slight_smile:


LOL- I told myself that to buy each circular separately in each size and length would cost me a lot more. so it is VALUE! :wink: mkz

The price is great, though you COULD probably find them cheaper still on ebay there is no instant gratification in that! :wink: Keep in mind, though, that if you are going to do a baby hat on Boye circs you will either need to do them as magic loop or 2 circs because their shortest length is 20 inches from tip to tip. I, personally, don’t think that boye lends themselves well to magic loop but i know people have done it. and if you are going to do 2 circs you will need an extra set of tips (which would still be on sale if your HL carries the tips! :cheering: )

I think they are a great investment but they, like all other sets, do have their limitations.

I must stay away from HL this week because i can not resist DPNson sale! :wall:

I know the Options Interchangeables are more expensive than the Boye’s, but I would save up the extra $ and get KP Options instead. I have both and rarely use the Boye’s now.


Next chance to do this…? Next time they have 50% off all needles! (or maybe they’re not going to discount them so much anymore and 40% off will be the standard sale price).

I’ve got one cable and set of tips, will go get another this week, I think. Don’t need the whole set because I don’t use needles smaller than size 8s and have two of almost everything bigger than that already.


You wouldn’t need extra tips to do the 2 circ method - just put the correct size on the end of 2 cables and the next size smaller on the other end and make sure you use the correct size on the right hand needle.


yeah that’s probably true but i would never remember to have those on the correct end… way too much work and relatively cheap to get the extra points.

m with Candice on this one. I bought my boyle set a long time ago and they were fine until I discovered options. Now the Boyle’s just don’t cut it, and some of the screw ends on my Boyles are broken. Pick up the options a set at a time as you need them. You won’t be disapointed. :star: ellie