Hobby Lobby Sale!

I meant to post this the other day, i may have even i don’t know. But if you haven’t seen it, Hobby Lobby has all their knitting accessories on sale. This includes needles. My HL has the Boye needlemaster set for about $70. At 1/3 off that price i don’t think i can complain too much about the cost of that set! i may even go get me another set at that price!

:cheering: yippeee skippeee how long does it last?? till Saturday??? I Hope so have JD take me then

yup yup…'til Saturday…go to www.hobbylobby.com and you can see their current sales.

ugh, why do you tempt me??? You’ve seen the out of control stash, but when I hear the word “sale”… :shock:

just thought i would bump this before the weekend was over :smiley:

1/3 off needles and things ya know :happydance:

JD is taking me on Sat… although when I brought it up said oh we are!! ding ding ding Yes we are I need some DPNS!!! LOL :XX:

DH and I went to Hobby Lobby to check out their knitting section. It has grown significantly since we’ve been there last. They had boxes and boxes of yarn in the aisles and it looks like they’re trying to step up their quality and variety.

I wasn’t impressed with their supplies section though, probably just my local store but they didn’t have the bamboo DPNs that I was looking for.

I’m definitely going to think of them when I need a quick trip to get something for a project in the future.

it isnt just yours. i ended up getting a bunch of aluminum DPNs which suited me fine but i did want some bamboos too. I had to make a dash back there yesterday looking for a size 8 16" circ and not a single 8 existed except for ONE 29" pair. argh! but i found a solution so that was okay. you would think though that if they are going to have THREE aisles of yarn they would consider a better selection of needles and such. that isn’t to say i didn’t find $20 worth of boye dpns and such on friday though… :smiley:

I went yesterday to get a pair of 15 circulars they had 3 rows of yarn but yeppers the supplies had either been picked over cause of the sale orrrrrr they don’t have very much. Hoping before Oct. to go back and look again maybe another sale and I’ll try to go earlier in the week :cheering:

Darn it I missed the sale but I just wanted to let you know that Hobby Lobby carries some really great “designer” patterns as well, Philosopher’s Wool & Heart Strings just to name a couple.