Hobby Lobby sale and I can't go

Aww Hobby Lobby is finally having another 50% off all knitting needles and such and i can’t go because stupid me :wall: i had to make my, sort of, new years resolutions that i wouldn’t buy anymore knitting stuff (yarn needles, notions, etc…I’m a total addict) until i saved up money for something else that i’ve been trying to save up for since last year. And to top it all off, right after i made that resolution the cable on my circulars broke!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Ok ok it’s ok because i have will power at my side…and it’s looking at the hobby lobby sales flyer :teehee:

Oh Noooooo!!!

What kind of circular’s was it that broke?

I just inherited a whole pile of needles and there are a few circulars that duplicate mine, I don’t mind shipping them out to you if I have the right ones. Let me know which they are and I’ll have a hunt through the ones I have.


I have will power too - it keeps telling me not to eat chocolate! How Dare it!!! :teehee:

[Enabler alert] IMO if something broke it shouldn’t count on the NY Resolutions. It’s not like you’re buying something just because it’s there, you are buying it because something broke and you NEED it. It’s much different. [size=2]And if something soft and yummy should fall into your basket well that can’t be helped.[/size] [/enable]


The NY Resolution rule, is buying new things… as the above posts stated… & I agree with… You are replacing… that isn’t thesame. If you broke your car key you would have to replace… it is the same thing…

And, since you are saving $ by replacing an item that is necessary… the $ saved is to be used, since it isn’t part of a new thing…

Leave it to a debater who argues w/ herself…lol

Bear hugs

You guys are so funny just like my sisters who also said the same thing :teehee:
Niffer thanks so much for your kind offer you’re such a nice person :hug:
But i’ve been purposely complaining about them breaking to my hubby because the NYR was that i couldn’t buy or ask anyone to buy for me but if they were to…i don’t know…give it to my as a gift on their own then it’s ok…so i think all my whining is going to pay off because DH said if i don’t go and buy one he’ll go buy one for me (yay!!!) :stuck_out_tongue: hee hee i know i’m totally cheating … LOOP HOLES ARE AWESOME :woohoo: Especially when you dig’em yourself hee hee

i’m so bad :mrgreen:

it’s not cheating if you need it~!! I agree with the other posters (although I did NOT make a resolution) :roflhard: :roflhard:
IT IS 50% OFF… YOU ARE BEING A FRUGAL SPENDER~!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:
also IMHO any money I spend on Knitting is an investment, because I KNOW I will use it and get my money’s worth over and over…
It is just supplying myself with the tools I need.~
If you think you will be too tempted…
!) ask hubby or trustworthy person to hold you accountable when you go to HL
2) Take $5-10 cash only and go to the store. Dont’ take you purse with your checkbook. Just take cash… You can’t spend anything extra if you only have just enough cash~!!

Happy Hunting~!!! :cheering: :happydance: :cheering: