Hobby Lobby Mosaic Twist

Please help! I bought 12+ skeins of this yarn that is normally $6.50 for just $.99…over a year ago. I am having a VERY difficult time (as a 2 yr knitter) figuring out its gauge. It’s super bulky, but closer to bulky. Except patterns are very hard to convert! Half-unrolled balls are causing my nervous knitter self to nearly unwind myself! Please help…ha. Any suggestions, much appreciated.

are you looking for patterns in bulky then? What kind? Are you on the Ravelry website at all? You can search what people are doing with a particular yarn…if you are not on there, tell us what you’re looking for and I’ll search for you…

Oh, I love working with mosaic twist. It does need bigger needles, as I’m sure you know. I buy it when it’s 99 cents, too.
I use a size 9 or 10 needle. Straight needles. When you cast on 10 stitches to a size 10 needle, how many inches is that?

At least size 10s, 11s would probably be better or it would be too stiff or rough. It’s 99 cents again this week, and I love several of the colors, just don’t know what to make with it.

I’ve made long, k2,p2 scarves for my brothers, and matching caps.
they love em, and say the cap and scarf keeps them warm in the cold weather!!

I’ve made blankets for the local hospitals using Mosiac. Use at least 11 needles. These are for the babies and they love the bright colors.

I also use it to trim the hats for the newborns.

I too bought 10 skeins of this yarn (how do you not for 99 cents) - but I’m making a shrug from the Lions Brand web site. Anxious to see how it turns out - I’m using 10.5 needles - the wrapper says to use size 13 or 15’s - doesn’t it? It is bulky - why I like it!