Okay, I’ve just been making little swatches to practice the different types of stitches and such. I’m now trying to make a seed stitich, but it’s not going so well. I’ve watched Amy’s video loads of times, but somethings not working. Each time I try it, I end up with the same pattern I’d get if I was doinf K2 P2, except it’s with K1 P1, but I thought I was knitting on the P and Purling on the K…any ideas what the heck I’m doing wrong?

whoo hoooo! This is the first question I know how to answer!! :smiley:

What you want to do, on EITHER side of the fabric is knit into purl stiches and purl into knit stiches. In other words, if the stitch you are about to knit into has a bar across the bottom, then knit. If it is a V, then purl. You alternate stitches, not sides.