Hmmm . . some sock-sense please?

Well I’m really interested in Japanese Teenage trend “Loose Socks”. I think they’re insanely adorable, and I can’t imagine they’d be too hard to knit if I ever got around to picking up some circs, or even a set of dpn’s right? I mean work it in stockinette for however many cm’s and ribbing at the top hem right?

But I wouldn’t want to use sock yarns. . . I mean don’t they always come in funny colours and stuff? So would I be able to use like. . . a normal white yarn? What weight? I need a bit of help.

Oh if you want pictures for whatever reason, I’m more than happy to slap up a few thumbnails :smiley:

Socks can be any color and any weight yarn you want. I’ve seen a lot of sock yarns in solid color, and some socks that were knit with worsted yarn. Do whatever you wish.


I found these pix on google. They sort of look like legwarmers, except that they’ve got feet instead of open ends.

One thing you need to keep in mind with socks that they do experience a lot of friction, so it’s best to choose a tightly spun yarn and knit at a tighter than normal tension – at least for the parts that will be exposed to wear (the cuff can be as loose as you want). BTW, not all sock yarns are colorful – I like solids myself. :wink: Thicker socks are faster to knit, but remember not to make them so bulky that they won’t fit in your shoes.

Oh really? That’s useful information, thank you :slight_smile:

Remember that if a cast-on or cast-off is tight at the edge of the ribbing it may wear out very quickly: this doesn’t mean tight around the calf/ankle, but tighter than the rest of the ribbing so the wool is stretched tightly.