Hmmm...does this exist?

Is there a website of some sort that can recommend patterns?

say for instance, i tell it that i want to use size 5 needles, with dk weight yarn, for a hat.
and it will give me patterns for hats using dk and #5’s

or size 7 needles, sweater for a baby, and worsted weight yarn.

does a site like this exist?

This site

has links to free patterns on the web. There are many categories, including baby clothes. They don’t have as many patterns as, but they do give needle size right next to the pattern name so you don’t have to click through to find out. Also see Amy’s list of free patterns (tab above).

Wouldn’t that be so awesome if someone would make a pattern generator? You type in what yarn you have, needles, gauge, and type of pattern you want, and the program finds some for you. One of these days…