Hmm...what's quick and cute to knit?

If you read my previous thread,you know why I need quick:roflhard: But my BIL and SIL have triplet girls and they’ll be a year and a half at Christmas time.I don’t want something that’ll take forever because I want to knit one for all 3 of them.They also have a 3 year old girl.What could I knit for them??I also have another niece that’s just over one…any ideas?And oh,there’s a 3.5 year old boy in there too…:thumbsup:



Adorable toddler/baby shrug that looks easy and goes up to size 2!

I just made this hat Jan posted in hardly any time at all

or a more simple rolled brim hat:


Jan, the teddy bear … reminds me of Mr. Bean’s ‘Teddy’. :teehee: