Hmm should I or shouldn't I?

So as some of you know, I have a Needlemaster Set that I got on eBay for $25 :happydance: Anywho, the Options set looks really groovy to me. Should I sell my Needlemaster set and save up to buy the Options, or just keep my set? Well lemme rephrase that…I would hafta save up before I sell my Needlemaster set :wink: Maybe I should get a paying job and just buy all the needles in the world so I won’t have any worries? Decisions decisions. :rofling:

I just got my Options set yesterday and I already love it. I didn’t have either the Boye or Denise set because I fell into the Addi Turbo trap early. The Options set is wonderful! I do know that there are many people who have all three sets and use all three depending on what yarn they are using or what project they are working on. I like the versaitility of the Options set - how you can order more of exactly what you need instead of one set with no additions.

Do it! Buy them!

I have the Boye set and I love them. I have duplicates of all the sizes they stock at Hobby Lobby (they put them on half price every few months), because I like knitting on 2 circs. However, there are sizes HL doesn’t stock, 3, 5 and 10.5. So I ordered the Options in those sizes (plus 0 and 1) to complete my duplicates.

Having multiples makes it easier to work on more projects as needed. :thumbsup:

The thing I don’t like about the Options set is that they are all the same color, so you’ll always need your needle gauge to determine the size. I don’t have that problem with my Boyes. Also, some are bothered by the Options not offering short enough cables, but if I needed to do smaller diameter, I’d use 2 circs or Magic Loop. So there are arguments for all sides.

It really depends on what your individual preferences are.

Yeah if I could afford them I’d buy them up right now, but I stay home with the rats so money stays tight. I like my needlemaster set, except for the way the needles slant on the cord side. I have a set of size 2 Addis that I use for socks, I love those, just wish they had a more prominent point. It sounds like the Options are liek the Addis except pointier. Maybe they can be a Christmas present this year for me… :??

The Options are pointer than the Addis but the feel is exactly the same.

Lisa has some great points about the drawbacks of the Options set - I do wish they had the needle size on the needle and cable size on the cable. Addi’s only have the needle size on the needle. I also wish they had smaller cables and needle points for the set.

A christmas present is a great idea. Mine were an early birthday present from my DH.

Oooohh even better, my birthday is in October, so if we can swing it I wouldn’t hafta wait as long! :happydance:

definitely go for the Options!!!

I have a Denise set and have been tempted by the Options needles as well. My plan right now is to get one pair of KP needles to try them out (probably a “classic” pair in a small size that I don’t already have in Denise). In the long term, if I like them, I plan to buy more sizes as I need them. I know it’s “cheaper” to buy the whole set, but I don’t really want the case so I wouldn’t really be saving money by doing that. Part of me wants to wait to even buy my first pair, because I’m hoping that after getting feeback from knitters, they’ll tweak the design to include size labels on the needles, and whatever else could use improvement. (A 16" interchangeable cord would be really nice. If they came out with one, I may even think about becoming a full convert to Options if they’ve really as good as others claim!)

Now why did I say all that? Oh yeah, because you might want to try following a similar plan, and just buy one first, to make sure you like them before selling your Boyes.

I vote for ‘buy all the needles in the world’ option! :roflhard:

I have Denise needles, but I love the few Addis I have and would love to try out the Options. I have to wait a bit so maybe there will be some more improvements in the meantime…mostly that 16in cord!

Me too, but I’m a needle hoarder, and I must have 2 of everything, just in case. :roflhard:

I have the Needlemaster and I think it is the best of all of them. I tried the Options and Denise before, and I didn’t like them, so I would keep it.

WOW when did you try the Options??? They’re brand new, and I’ve only heard great things about them.

[color=blue][/color]iN A PERFECT WORLD, ONCE one starting knitting, having to work for a living would no longer be needed due to winning Powerball, lottery (whatever your state offers). Then time could be spent on the important things in life, KNITTTING,


I agree. As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking how nice it would be to be independently wealthy so I could stay home and finish the tank top I’ve been working on. AND I wouldn’t have to try to find a cardigan pattern for the Knitpicks Merino Style that I already have. I could buy some yummy new yarn and do the one I want.

Hilde, a friend of mine got them and I got to test them. Lucky, huh.

I ordered one size of the Options and I really like them–the join and cables are wonderful–no stiffness in the cable like the Boye set, and it’s even better than the addis I had. I am unhappy with the Boyes I have right now more because one of my cables is STUCK in the end of one of the needles!! (Yes!) So I need an extra needle now, and another cable to complete the set. I think I’ll be getting the Options from now on, instead of sending overseas to get my addis. Yep, I’ll spend a little more in the long run, but I can get these along as I need them, hopefully!! I erally wish I could have been on the KP site when they sold the Denises so cheaply!!

Yes–I’d go with ALL THE NEEDLES IN THE WORLD!! :smiley: