Hmm I wonder

Does anyone know if there is a way to put a sole on a pair of slippers that you knit :?? I was thinking of knitting some felted slippers for my grammie (she has big feet size 12 and can not find slippers in the store)but she loves slippers to lounge in …I mean shes 78 and because I :heart: her soo much I want to make her a pair but I want to figure out a way to put soles on them so they dont get ruined with continuous use and so she doesnt slip and get hurt. Any ideas let me have 'em thanks

You can buy leather soles for the slippers, but I don’t know how non skid they are if that is an issue. Several places carry them, here’s one.
Slipper Soles

I have the pattern and I’m going to try one of these things when I get around to making them. I have no idea how they’d work.
Super GripNon skid rug backing