HL coupons

I need 2 skeins of yarn that when full price is out of my budget, however I can afford it with the 40% off coupons. My question is, can I use 2 coupons in 1 day if I go in a 2 separate times? Its my understanding that if I leave the store and come back I am a different customer. Hobby Lobby is 30 miles away so IF I could get both skeins the same day it would be a lot better on gas budget.

I would do it. I might wait half an hour before going back in and get in a different check put person’s line. I have at Joanns & AC Moore before. I’ve also taken my son and given him a coupon to pay for one skein while I use a coupon for another.

Yeah, it would be easiest if you have someone with you. They usually let you do it in two separate transactions though.

I don’t know about your HL, but my daughter and i went in with her 3boys and 3 coupons (2 printed from computer) and they were allowed to use the coupons,maybe because there were 3 kids, i.e., 3 customers? Does it say on the coupon, one per day, per customer? 30 miles is long to me also. Good luck. linknit41

The coupon says 1 coupon per customer per day.

That’s why I’d go do another nearby errand before returning to the store.

Yep, do that then make sure you get another checker.

I frequently use more than one coupon per visit. I don’t have a car and am limited in how often I can go to the store. Since they say you can use one coupon a day, thus 6 coupons a week, I don’t feel at all bad about going through another line to make my second coupon purchase.

Our Michaels accepts Hobby Lobby coupons and will take 2 per visit, thankfully.