Hiya Hiya's anyone?

I’ve been using metal Hiya Hiya needles lately and I LOVE them. I’m such a tight knitter that I have to stick with metal needles (bamboo grabs too much) and my work slides off these like nothing else. However I’ve noticed that the very tip of the tips are flat and that no matter how I knit the tip of my right finger (where I’ve already developed my knitting calus) hurts something awful after I’ve been knitting with them for awhile. Somedays my fingertip gets red and angry looking and I can’t een touch anything with that finger.

My LYS owner and I were wondering if anyone else had experienced this pain problem? All the other needles I’ve used have never caused this problem an I’m using sizes 0, 2, 4, and 6 in hiya hiya whereas I’m using teensy sock needles in all other brands.

I have a couple HiyaHiyas and they are okay, except the joins aren’t as smooth as I would like :slight_smile:
As far as the pain in your fingertip, that is a pointy needle thing. My Options needles do it to me everytime I have to push my needle using my finger. Right now my finger is sore enough that it hurts to type. ouch

Yeah normally it is but these aren’t pointy. My other needles are all /very/ pointy (sizes 1 and smaller in susan bates dpns) and they don’t give me a single problem. I can switch to my size 0 susan bates dpns for this sock an be perfectly fine but when I go back to the size 0 hiya hiya’s my fingers hurts. I know for the smaller ones it’s the little edge between the slated tip and where it goes flat. It was SHARP and I ended up having to smooth it out some.