hiya hiya question

Hi everyone! New to knitting and this site.

I am thinking about purchasing the Hiya Hiya interchangeable set but not sure if I should get the SHARP or regular version? I’ve tried them both out and like them both - just can’t seem to decide which one I like more…

Also, it seems like I can buy the entire set (US2-13) or I can buy it in halves (SM/LG). Should I just splurge and buy the entire set?

Any help/tips (no pun intended) would be greatly appreciated!


I had both of these sets in the sharps and I loved them. I knit a little tightly so the sharps really come in handy for the k2 & k3tog in a lot of my knitting.

The Hiya Hiya is a great set, but take a look at the Chai Goo Twist sets, the cords are amazing, best I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried them all. I gave my Hiya Hita sets away after getting the Chai Goo.