Hiya Hiya needles

Has anyone ever used the Hiya Hiya needles? I saw them in my LNS and they seemed very nice for half the price of Addi’s. Any opinions?

I really like them. The join is great and doesn’t snag on yarn at all.
And yeah, they are only $7.50. I hear they are coming out with a interchangeable set as well.

Thanks for the info. The ones I tried were metal and they didn’t seem to be as slippery and “fast” as the Addi’s. That is a very good thing for a “new” knitter. I’ve heard the bamboo ones are good too, but I always feel like I have to “fight” to make the yarn move on bamboo.
Has anyone else tried them?

I use them for knitting socks and they are wonderful - very easy to work with. Will “try to never” use DPNs again…:slight_smile:

I just ordered my first pair of Hiya Hiyas. It’s one of the metal fixed circulars. No yarn shops within driving distance from me carry them. I’m looking forward to trying them!

I like bamboo needles for some things, depends on the yarn. When I first was learning how to knit, I had bamboo needles and an acrylic/wool blend yarn. The stitches would NOT move off those bamboo needles. I took the needles back to the store figuring they were defective and stupid and I would never, never knit with bamboo needles again, LOL. Later I realized that I did like some yarns on bamboo, just not the one I happened to be using at the time. Cotton is one yarn I like on bamboo.

I use and enjoy the Hiya Hyia needles. Yes I find that they are not quite the quality of Addi but high quality. I think they are well worth the price and want to try their new interchangeable needles.