Hiya Hiya needles?

I have always preferred to knit with circulars needles rather than straight as they are easier for me to hold. When I learned Magic Loop I started buying exclusively Addi Turbos since that is all that is sold locally. The cables can be a bit stiff at times but overall I like them. I was out of town lately and needed a size that I didn’t have with me so I ventured to a yarn shop and they only sold Hiya Hiya needles? The cost was half what our local shop charges for the Addi’s and I have to say I rather like the HiYa - the cable seems more flexible. Does anyone else use HiYa?

I have a few of them and like them. The are fixed circs not interchangeable.

I like mine but think I would have preferred them in nickel rather than the bamboo ones I bought.

I have the hiya hiya metal interchangeble circular needles and I love them! You hardly know the cables are there and the connections are so smooth.