Hiya Hiya 9" circular needle?

I have heard about this needle. Has anyone tried this needle on socks or mitts?

Never used them myself and have no desire to try them - I knit a lot of socks and I know I would hate them. I can barely tolerate a 16" needle. The needle part is just toooo short.

But that’s just me! :aww:

I used 9" hiya hiya’s on my socks almost exclusivley.

untill addi came out with their 8"

now i use 8, 9, & 12 inch circulars on my socks depending on what size sock it is.

i use dpn’s on heels and toes but the rest gets circulars.


I have always used dpn’s. I thought I would try the short circulars, but are the difficult to adjust to? Do they allow you to knit faster?
Why do you like the addi better? Thank you for the advise.

i was an exclusive DPN user until my shop got these, i now have them in every size. They amke lace a lot easier, i now love them!

i know one place that has them if you want to try them

fell free to give Kathy a call M-F or me on Saturdays or order online


I have always used dpn’s. I thought I would try the short circulars, but are the difficult to adjust to?

Possibly. Every knitter is different. I think they have an adjustment period, but i dont think i could go back to just DPN’s.

Do they allow you to knit faster?

Knitting on a circular is always faster than DPN’s in my opinion. Its smooth and no interruptions for needle changes. And if your plauged with ladders, this is an option for small circumferance knitting.

Why do you like the addi better?

Hiya Hiya’s have joins that arent always the best. I havent found that with Addi. I have 4 US2 9" circs from Hiya Hiya because the join was bad. Had to keep buying them till i found one that was usable. That being said… I have every 9" circular Hiya Hiya makes, (only because Addi hadnt put any out yet.) and many of them are just fine.
I like the Addi because of its joins and because of the type of metal used for the needle. Its smoother than Hiya Hiya and allows the stitches to flow easier.

I have all the 8" Addi’s now, and havent had any problems with them.

If you dont mind Bamboo, KA has some 9" needles i think are cool,
(i have most all of these too) the joins on these swivel! I dont knit socks on them tho, just cuz i dont knit socks on bamboo. It dont work for me. It might for you. And too, the joins on these arent the best either. What i do knit on them, the yarn snags a bit.

All in all, [B][I][U][COLOR=“Red”]for me[/COLOR][/U][/I][/B], the best circular for socks, is Addi, and then Hiya Hiya. In that order. Depending on what length of needle i want to use.

Hope this helps

This information was just so helpful to me. Thank you everyone for taking time to share. You have all saved me many dollars that I would have spent experimenting. I am very excited to try the addi and I may give the hiya a try also.

HUH? :?? I don’t understand what you are linking us to.

sorry about that, the website needle inventory is under construction. I know they have most sizes available of the Hiya Hiya 9" in Steel and 0-3 in bamboo.

you can always shoot an email via the website or just call them up.