Hiya fudgie

Ok… thanks for your quick answer you guys here are great t that. Please no buttons I haven’t gotten the hang of that yet :oops: but hey maybe one day right?? Which bag could I try I really like the booga bags but they look soooo hard. I know to some of you hard core knitters I sound like the village idiot but hey they look hard to a beginner :lol: Anyway if you have a link to a free bag (EASY) pattern could you please post it? I love pattern central but since there is no way to tell if a project is for a beginner or advanced knitter I get mad whenever I find something I like then the pattern reads like a bad sci-fi movie. :??
Also I am on a very limited budget, hey college studant and waitress you do the math :crying: , could you maybe think of something with a lower priced yarn.

God, I feel like a stray cat begging for scraps with all these questions. :oops:


Well I can’t find a pattern however a simple way of doing a bag is to get some wool you like then knit two squares/rectangles of equal size. You then knit a long pice that is the length of 3 of the sides of one of the panels plus however long you want the handle to be. You then sew the long strip of material to the 3 sides of both of the panels and line the bag in the same way. I hope you can understand that, if not say.
It is really easy, you can either do it in garter or stocking stitch, you can make it out of whatever wool you want (just use the needle size suggested on the ball), and that means that it is within your price range (just make sure you buy enough wool). Hope that helps!

There are a number of free patterns out there for various things. Including the ones on this very site! Check out the bags patterns section here http://www.knittinghelp.com/knitting/free_patterns/bags.php

Each is listed on ease of making. Also Knitty.com has items listed at various levels of knitting too.

Edit: Also when on a tight budget, you could get yarns from the very thrifty use of items bought in a thrift store! Buy a cheap sweater (check the materials its made from first) and then undo it, rolling the yarn into a ball. That way you’ll end up with some cheap yarn.

You can also make your own knitting needles, check the techniques tabs on this site and see the video where Amy shows you how!

Hey thanks!!! I have my eye set on the booga bag because the other beginner bag involves sewing :doh: lol The directions are a little confusing to me but hey I guess if I get into trouble I can come here and ask all the booga bag experts :smiley:

That’s a really neat Idea about ripping out old sweaters from a trift shop!
Trust me on my budget every little bit helps!

thanks again and wish me luck on my booga bag. :pray:

I’m knitting again and no scarves how exciting :XX: :happydance:

The Booga bag is actually a really good choice for a beginner. You will learn how to pick up stitches, and knit in the round {if you don’t already!}, and there aren’t any complicated shaping directions or sewing. And the best part of all, the felting process will hide a multitude of problems with your stitches!

Ashley you might want to hit up dad/g-pa/bf/or guy pals for old wool sweaters. I ripped up one of my DH’s that i bought him our first Christmas dating (I know, awww…) and am planning to knit matching vests for he and my son. Also, check out hobby lobby, michaels, or joanns. They can carry 100% wool and can cost less than a yarn shop. Ebay is good also! or, check out knitpicks.com 's wool of the Andes. It’s fairly inexpensive, you could save up and get a sample box and be set for a while on wool!

Whatever you do, KEEP KNITTING! Don’t get discouraged by price tags. You don’t have to have the luxury yarn to make a great item!