Hives anyone?

Okay so I had a 10 day intestinal bug and as I started feeling better I went out to walk the dog Sat morning and came back into the house screaming and covered in hives from my waist to and including my feet and my face. My legs and face were fire red and covered welts dime and quarter size. Went to prompt care for a Benydryl shot and the welts started going down but took about 4 hrs before my legs stopped itching and burning. THis morning the same thing happened but to a much lesser degree so I took benedryl and Zyrtec at home. I have spoken to my doctor and even stopped to show his nurse my hives this morning - although they were already starting to fade b/c of the benedryl. Almost 5 hrs later my legs still feel like they’re on fire. Any thoughts?
I know diahrea/intestinal issues that cause swelling are an immune/histamine response so maybe my system is still all hyped up from that, but is there any explanation or has anyone else been through this. They are really miserable and make me feel like I am being stung by bees all over and how do I come face my patients with a swollen welty face and scratching myself every morning?

I’m so sorry to hear! I haven’t had that happen so I have no advice or input, but, I hope it clears up soon! :hug:

:hug: I’m so sorry, I hope you feel better soon!!

When I had my son I started getting hives…I ended up back at the ER my first night home 'cause they were all over and itching and hurting me like crazy. The drs had no idea what 'caused it…just told me to use no smelling soaps and lotions…take benadryl and see if that clears it up. I was to see the regular dr the following week to make sure. It did a few days later, but I was so miserable. I hope they go away for you soon!! :hug:

I’ve had this type of response before after a viral infection. The first time it happened was after I had the flu. I was breaking out in hives two or three times a day. Eventually the problem went away. Its happened two or three times since.

Oh I feel your pain. That happened to me a few years ago. Woke up went to work and bang hives. The only place I didn’t have them was on my face. To this day no ones knows what caused it. It got so bad my doctor sent me to the hospital to get the benydryl shot. Of course I was itching for about a week before I had the shot. I guess it was a whooper shot, the nurse said I would fall asleep with it. Nope not much puts me to sleep. It did get rid of the hives. I wouldn’t wish that on a worse enemy. Like everyone else they never did find the reason why I got them. I had two more bouts with them but not as bad as the first time.
So here is a :hug: and hope they go away soon.


I have only had hives twice…and only a mild case each time…

But it was the strangest thing…it was after I ate, both times…(once Japanese and second time Swiss Chalet…the latter was followed by lots of diarrea)

Both times I was at work, and a week apart…I ran down to the local drugstore, and got some anti histimine and they went away within an hour…

Decided to hit the family doc to see what was going on…she sent me to an allergist to see if I have developed any food alergy, and I haven’t…

Just one of those really strange occurances…came and went out of no where…

I hope that yours is that simple…and that is goes as quickly as it came…!

I have also had 2 episodes of a food allergy
for me it was swelling of the mouth and throat
but times I took an antihistamine (Actually a LOT of antihistamine) and I went to an allergist who tested me for things I KNOW I get a reaction to (Raw onions, I get a bone deep ITCH, painful itch) and things that break me out (rubber/latex, and perfumes) and suspected issues (wheat is not digested well by me, tested for both wheat and gluten)
every single test came back negative
I have since began eating onions again, it still makes me itch, but if it is not a histamine reaction, its just anoying
but I am still totally unsure of what caused the swelling in my mouth those times, both times I had food with Fresh herbs, one was basil flower, but I tested negative to both of them. another consideration was a pesticide, or herbicide, but I know they were washed well both times
it is scarey, but I carry benedryl quick strips, and an epi pen just in case


I had a similiar experience after a trip to Florida. First I was so sick on ther way home to Mass. we had to land half way there and spend a night in a motel. After about a week at home I too broke out with intense itching from my scalp to the soles of my feet. The benadryl didn’t really help. The only relief I got was by sprinkeling corn starch in my bed and rolling around in it. What an experience. I chalked it up to sun poisoning.

Old remedy to ease hives, but it works well: add 1/3 box baking soda to a tub of [I]lukewarm[/I] water. Immerse as much of the affected area as possible for at least 20 minutes (use a soft cloth to gently pat the water onto any areas not submerged, like a face). If you can stay in the tub longer than just 20 minutes, that’s better. Pat skin dry gently when you emerge.

Thanks for the bath idea - I actually did an aveeno oatmeal bath on Sat which helped some. The problem is that last time it happened I was on my way out the door to work. I work in patient care and it causes all sorts of issues if I call in sick - esp since I was just off a week with the stomach virus from @#^@(#&!@&^#.
I’m leaning towards what Jeremy said that it is a reaction to the viral infection that caused the stomach bug. I sure hope it stays quiet for the next couple days as I am speaking at a conference and will die if I have to speak while my face is broken out and swollen with hives/welts.

Could it be a reaction to medication? There are a lot of them that say to avoid the sun (usually due to increased risk of sunburn, but maybe this one reacted differently if in fact that’s what it was). Meds take a while to work their way out of your system, as you well know (duh, you work in the medical profession…sometimes I insert my foot in my mouth). I was being treated for an ear infection with an antibiotic called Levaquin. After a couple of days, my left elbow hurt. I figured I’d just slept on it after laying on that side to let the eardrops “soak in”. By the end of the week, my forearms were so sore I could hardly lift anything. I took myself off the meds, and told my doctor so when I saw her a couple of days later. One of the possible side effects of Levaquin is tendinitis with the possibility of ruptured tendons. She said she’d had 1 other person in 8 years have that reaction…so, even when something says a certain side effect is seldom likely to happen remember it is possible that it can occur.

I had chronic hives from June until late November of last year. Chronic as in I went to get a shot of or prescription for steroids every 3 weeks. It was horrid. We decided it was stress-related (just gotten dovorced).
If the OTC meds don’t work, go get a shot. They’ll clear up in a few hours.
If you can’t sleep at night because of the itchies and burnies, try taking a SUPER hot bath–as hot as you can stand it. This will help it subside long enough for you to fall asleep.

Hope you feel better! :hug:

I get stress hives…if I am really stressed out, I develop anywhere from one to about twenty of them but other than feeling like a mosquito bite, mine thankfully are not that bad and they usually go away pretty fast.

I’m sorry to hear you had that reaction…sounds like something is trying to get out of your body. Oatmeal baths are helpful; Benadryl is good (although it can make you sleepy); maybe some acidophilus for the intestinal issues will help.

Oh my dear, I feel your pain. I broke out last year, first time in my entire life (I’m 32). My lips & eyes swelled up, my legs were covered in welts you wouldn’t believe. Well, maybe you would. :teehee: It was horrible and it wasn’t from stress. My legs didn’t itch as much as my wrists and arms did. It was just awful. I kept going to the doctor and he put me on the prednisone pack and that helped but as soon as I stopped they came right back. I had no clue what they were from. I felt fine. I thought it was from a drug I had started to take, but I only took it for a short while and the hives kept on for months. I finally went to my allergist (it was actually a different doctor in his office as mine wasn’t in that day) after weeks on prednisone and he gave me Zyrtec to make my lips back to their normal shape (I was so embarrassed) and then I just put up with them and I finally went back a month later and saw my actual normal allergist and he suspected that I may have a virus. So he had me tested and it turned out I did. It’s a very rarely tested for virus that required 6 viles of blood, and not the small viles either. And a lot of insurance companies apparently don’t cover it, but mine did. Thank God. (That is what I was told, I’m not saying it’s Bible truth)

Forgive me as I don’t remember what it was called, (if you need me to I will call them tomorrow to get the name of it) but he got them under control and put me on OTC Clariten, 2 pills a day everyday for quite a while. Then after 4 months or so I went to every other day and after a few months of that I slowly weaned myself off and have only had the occasional itchy wrist.

I thought I was allergic to everything as it’s practically impossible to find out exactly what you put in your mouth your allergic too. He even went so far as to say that some people are allergic to the dyes in pills. Like Sudafed, being a red pill, the dye is what some people are allergic to! I had no idea that could happen. Which then got me to thinking, why do they color pills??? If people could be allergic to a pill that’s dyed, what if that pill could help them live a normal life but they can’t take it cause it has dye in it!!

I hope you feel better soon. Don’t wait to call your doctor, you’re sick, get some help. :hug:

No Thanks! They make me itch. :wink:

Well, it was funnier when I only knew the Title of your thread. I hope your hives “go away and never come back.” (Waves needle, like a wand, with a swish and flick!)

[Note: I just realized the quoted portion above is actually said by Sméagol in [I]LOTR[/I] but the wand “swish and flick” was spoken by Prof. Flitwick from [I]HPSS[/I] as instructions for the [I]wingardium leviosa[/I] charm. Odd juxtaposition.]

As an analyst, I’d ask you to make a list for yourself of any changes to your environment around the event. Consider things that touch your skin in any state (solid, liquid, or gas, UV light).
• Pet care/grooming/shampoo
• Changes in personal care products (Laundry soap, bath oils/salts, etc.)
• Neighbors burning leaves? Forest fires?
• Medicines or illness?
• Change in food (for you, family, or pets)?
• Check Allergy dot com for prominent airborne allergens in your area during the time frame

Check off the items as you eliminate them (exposure does not cause hives.)

If you crossed off everything, then you missed something. :?? Try making a more thorough list?

Oh, you could send it to the writers of [I]House[/I] and see if they can get it diagnosed in an episode. ( Okay, so that’s a long shot. :wink: )

… perhaps I am over analyzing… again. (or doing a [I]Mars vs. Venus[/I] thing? :doh: )

(Channeling [I]Venus[/I]…)

I only had some small hives from tight socks once, I thought they were bad enough. I can’t imagine what it was like for you having so many, but it must have been horrible. [B]I do hope you feel better soon[/B]. (I do mean that sincerely, in spite of the [I]Mars vs Venus[/I] thing.)

(Back to [I]Mars[/I] thinking…)

I’ve often thought of [B]chain mail armor[/B] when I am [B]knitting[/B]. Do you think they used a garter or stockinet stitch? Would pondering that question distract you from itching and burning? It probably won’t. :sad:

You have my prayers (and healing charms).

–Jack :guyknitting: