Hitofude Cardigan - need to add length, help plz :)

This is the pattern I’m working on. Right now I am making the large size and am on the 4th chart A repeat before starting the FRONT BODY INCREASES.

If I want to add length to it (it’s a gift for a super tall friend lol) do I just do a few more repeats before starting the increases? Or is there some sort of complicated process and math I have to figure in? Sorry if this is a simple problem to solve, still a relatively inexperienced knitter with anything outside the realm of hats and socks lol

That’s a beautiful sweater!

Here’s how one person increased the length. Read her notes-

Not sure what yarn you’re using, but some yarns tend to stretch in blocking and wearing so be careful adding too much length.

Perfect, thank you so much for pointing this out to me!!!