Hitchhiker wheel - anyone have one?

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Hello all,
I am looking to purchase a wheel (my first) and like the look and size of the Hitchhiker (and the price too). I was wondering if anyone here had any experience IRL w/ one? I don’t want to spend a lot of money on one, and don’t have a great deal of space to devote to a wheel - especially with two boys underfoot - and thought this might be a good way to go. Unfortunately I live in an area where I have not been able to find a spinning class, so that I could try out some different wheels, much less get some instruction. The nearest classes are about two + hours away in Denver and our mountain roads leave something to be desired in the winter. Thank you for any help with the Hitchhiker and/or any recommendations for other good “beginner” wheels!
Keri in Eagle, CO

I’m a beginner and have a Louet Victoria. I’ve also tried a Louet S10. Both of them are technically easy to use, especially the S10. You can find a good used S10 on ebay for about $200 plus shipping.I took my S10 in the car and all I had to do was buckle it in. If you are short on space, the Victoria is a good choice. You can find them new for $550 including shipping. I think both would be among the good choices you could make.