Hit the knitting wall?

I’vm not quite sure what’s up. I find myself looking at my 4 WIP’s and wonder what on earth was I thinking? Why am I knitting THIS? Do I really want to finish and even worse, do I really want to frog it and find something else for this yarn? All I want to do is knit for Pete’s sake…:knitting:

Do you cast on a simple well loved project, take a break from them for awhile, or continue to plug on???

That’s why I have multiple projects because I get tired of one, or one is too fiddly for knitting at knit night, or I just don’t like it anymore.

If I decide I must have been nuts that I really am not enjoying knitting something I usually frog it. Knitting is supposed to be fun and enjoyable not a chore.

So if you don’t want to to finish it either set it aside and start something new or repurpose the yarn. :thumbsup:

I can certainly lose my momentum on something, which means it gets set aside and something else gets started. Sigh! That’s why I have so many works in progress!!!

Sometimes looking at a picture of the finished object helps, but I still have to switch to another quicker project sometimes. With spring coming soon, I’ll be doing more gardening, fishing, kayaking, and other outdoor activities. When that happens knitting is not high on the list of things to do. Then about the middle of broiling summer I pick things back up again.

So, yah, hitting a wall is normal; you just have to figure out the best way to deal with it!

Thanks guys for confirming that I’ve not gone completely insane! :hug:

On reading your posts, I’m beginning to see what’s going on with me: learning how to knit Portuguese style has given me knitting ADD! :roflhard:

I moved to a different WIP today and got more completed in 2 hours that I could have in 4 hours of Charlotte-style English knitting. That portuguese thumb flick just ROCKS!:woot:

And I’m probably also gearing up mentally for the new job too. :slight_smile:

Now to finish learning all of my increases and decreases… after ballroom dance class tonight with DH! :mrgreen:

In pre-KnittingHelp.com days…I only had one project on the needles at any given time!

However, after coming here and getting inspired to try THIS! and THAT!..I find myself with 3-4 WIPS at any given time.

Not usually more than 2 sweaters, but add to that…maybe a baby project, maybe a shawl project, maybe a kitchen project. They might all have entirely different mindsets!

YES, I have started a project…only to FROG IT and cut my losses due to a loss of interest in it! Or, maybe I just don’t like the yarn I used. I can see it’s gonna be an UGH, or the yarn is a devil to work with for the project.

I bought a great yarn for a great sweater…and then thought “What am I doing??? I’ve got a sweater in this same exact color and style!” Meh. FROG POND! I still haven’t knit that yarn yet…but when I do…the sweater will be an entirely different style.

I seem to definitely be in the minority of this post, but I hate working on more than one project at the same time! I am very progress driven and I just don’t make enough progress if I am bouncing back and forth between projects. I love the knitting process, but I REALLY love FO’s!

I also hate undoing work I’ve already done, so in the rare case that I have become miserably bored or stop liking a project, I just put it away. After I knit one or two other things I will pulll it out and reassess my feelings. Usually it is, “Ok, let’s give this another shot.” But if I’m still not feeling it, back in the box you go! That is kind of what has happened to me with this afghan I was knitting for my sister as a Christmas present… in 2010. It is still sitting in a basket by the door of my craft room (I like to call it my craft room, but I’m afraid it will probably alway be our “Where do we put all this extra junk?!” room). I look at it every time I walk in there and I try to knit some for it every month or so. I KNOW she will love it when I finish it, I just need to tolerate the rest of the knitting.

I certainly understand that! When I used to work one project at a time, I had FO’s flying off the needles.

Mostly, I knit like you do. Especially for things like sweaters. If I procrastinate on a sweater, I have to get my mind wrapped around the project all over again when I pick it up.

It really is best to [U]start and finish[/U] KNITTED GARMENTS one at a time, for shore!

That said, I do like having my Japanese Feather Shawl as my back-burner project. It’s going to take 6-220 yd balls of Melody Superwash. Yikes. That’s 1,320 yards. So I’ve enjoyed knitting on it, one or two balls at a time. Then a break. I’m not in any mad hurry to get the shawl finished. I’d like to use it at a 3-day air-conditioned event this summer in July. That’s my goal.

I’m down to 2 balls left. :wink:

[QUOTE=ArtLady1981;1343336]It really is best to [U]start and finish[/U] KNITTED GARMENTS one at a time, for shore! [QUOTE]

I am only now starting to get into knitting garments (starting my second sweater this weekend!) but I already understand that statement. Even putting it down a weekend while The Boyfriend and I went home to visit our parents threw me off.

I do work on multiple projects once one becomes too big or too complicated for travel. I do a big chunk of knitting during my down time at work. I would never want to carry a 3/4 completed afghan or a lacy delicate shawl back and forth. Usually at that point I throw a bunch of leftover baby yarn in my purse and start churning out baby hats and booties for donation. It’s a super quick, super easy project that I can bang out in an hour or two without getting “out of my groove” with my big project.

Speaking of my second sweater, I need to dig down deep to finish my first one! I’ve got all the knitting done and it is blocked, I just need to sew buttons on it. I found PERFECT buttons at Joann’s last week, but they only had 9 and I need 11. I hope I get lucky tomorrow and they have restocked! so I can get those last 2!

OK, I have to admit it. I’m a serial knitter. If I get to the sleeves of the sweater I’m working on, then I’ll start the next one. Pretty much. Baby hats and booties don’t count.

But, just a minute. For me the important question is: JPC, how did you get your husband to agree to and go to ballroom dancing classes?

Mostly, I do one project until it is done. I do this because my hubby would like to know that I am going to finish my project and then he doesn’t mind at all the amount of money I’m spending on it.
For that matter… I have to know I will finish it too.
I guess I sort of have two projects on the go right now… but the cardigan knitting is finished and the socks just got started… still, I’m adding the little things that make the sweater come alive so I’m guessing that counts as two things.
Knitting meeting tomorrow and I have hopes of wearing the sweater… if I can finish it tonight…
Otherwise, I guess my only show and tell will be the knitted throw I finished last year…
Hmmmm… I expect that will do… no way I’m getting the buttons on tonight!
P.S. I do have more stash than I want to have… LOL!

Sorry so long getting back to you, Salmonmac. A business trip took me away just before you asked… I hate it when real life gets in the way of KH!:muah:

Well, oddly enough husband taught ballroom dancing in the 80’s. When we first married I kept asking him to teach me to dance, but he always politely demurred, saying it wasn’t a good idea for him to teach me. Back then I couldn’t understand why… but I’ve since learned how smart a man he [I]really[/I] is.

Fast forward to 2 years ago: A local studio offered introductory ballroom dance through community education, and we took the course and stuck with it after at the studio itself. I’m almost through my Bronze level!

I learned why it wasn’t a good idea in the past 2 years. Having your husband, who used to compete in ballroom, critique your every move is such a [B]phenomenally[/B] bad idea, but an instructor doing it is a different thing entirely. Especially when I realized just how physically unbalanced I can be. :stuck_out_tongue:

Husband is a brave and patient man!:inlove:

TEMA: how did the sweater turn out?

And I’m with you on having more stash than I want… :slight_smile: