Hit me upside the head with a ball of Malabrigo and call my brain fluff!

I’ve been struggling with this one pattern from Elisabeth Lavold’s Viking Patterns for Knitting for literally months (since October) and kept getting stuck on this one line. The pattern leads to you believe that you are supposed to do rows of decreases while at the same time doing the cable pattern and it just wasn’t working out in my head. I tried several times to write it out combining the two and it wouldn’t work. There was no errata for it on her website (there are for many other patterns) Finally this morning it hit me that I wasn’t supposed to do that. I was supposed to do a row of decreases as a set up row and then do the pattern completely and then do all the decreases at the top of the hat. The wording in the book says, “At the same time…” which in all my other pattern books means that you have two things going on at the same time. It’s just a pattern error. I’ve been :wall: all this time over nothing!! I had myself all worked up that I was going to have to figure out the decreases while incorporating this tricky knotwork and decreases. Sheesh my brain is turning to fluff!

Isn’t it weird how it eventually just clicks ? And in the weirdest places and at the weirdest time… in the shower, the middle of a conversation about something completely different, in a knitting dream :slight_smile: