Hildie and the terrible horrible no good very bad date

Hildie! I’m so glad you got out of there reasonably safe and sane! :yay:

You are WAY too good of a woman to ever settle for a date involving a 45 minute drive BY YOU!!! If they can’t drive to meet you, don’t go for it! :tap:

At the very least, make sure you meet in the middle - don’t you be putting out for them! Even if the putting out is just driving! :poke:

Like the other’s said, go for just a cup of coffee or a walk, forget a dinner date until after you’ve met him once or twice… - can you say romance? Yes, I knew you could… :cheering:

You can do this! You is armed and dangerous! You got’s knittin’ needles! Take on the world of dating with an attitude! :hug::muah:

I consider the sunglasses a cost of the evening, unless they’re prescription or undeniably expensive, who would want to be in contact with this guy again? :shrug:

Ok, my horror story. First date went ok - calls me for a second, I happened to be busy that weekend with a prior engagement of friends in a small apt. Get a call while at said engagement, his 20 yo son had just been killed. Second date, his son’s funeral. :sad: His out-of-town family thought it we’d been dating a long time, and I ended up taking care of them… after 6 months one of his friends told me he couldn’t stand to look at me because of the memories… :help:


ugh, i’ve had my share of sloppy kisses and booty call type dates, but yours takes the cake.

blech! hands hildie the Listerine


Look at it this way…considering that you spent time alone with this creep in the car and in his apartment and lived to tell the tale, well, maybe you’re actually incredibly lucky.

Do NOT go back to his apartment alone to retrieve your sunglasses. You can get new sunglasses - the old ones aren’t worth putting your safety at risk.

Just glad that you’re safe.

You were brave to go into his apartment! Be careful! You don’t know what kind of freaks are out there!

I have had my share of baddddddddddddd dates until I met my wonderful husband.

Keep your head up. Someday you will find your prince.:


DJ at a strip club? I somehow can’t picture you with a man who has [I]that [/I]particular taste in music… :note:
I’m sorry that your date was so [B]incredibly[/B] horrible, but on the bright side, I got several good laughs from your account.

That story managed to be horrible and hilarious at the same time. Neat trick. :teehee: I wish I had a story I could share, but I’m 30 and have been with my husband since I was 15. And after reading stories like this, completely glad of it.

:passedout: This is so bad… it’s actually funny. :teehee: I can tell you whoever you date afterwards can only do better! :shock:

I told that story to my boyfriend and he said “Wow that’s got to be from the Simpsons, it can’t be real”. :teehee:

LOL I did a research project - extensive - on online social interaction and heard some beauties (stories) thrown out by people. Unbelievable…what a classsseeeee dude. I doubt after all that I would have gone up to his apartment.

I would have felt like taking two hot showers after than experience and using a bottle of listerine LOL

:passedout: as Jan said GOOD GOD!!!

I hate to sound like such a MOTHER but I was REALLY alarmed when you got to the part about actually going to his apartment. There were so many red flags throughout the evening that you really should not have done that!!! There really are ALOT of freaks out there!!!

OMG Hilde!!! It sounds like something that you’d see on a sitcom or something. I’m sorry that was so bad for you.

My bad date doesn’t even compare to yours but a few years ago when I was home for the summer from college, my mom’s friend insisted on setting me up on a blind date with one of her friend’s sons. I kept telling her I wasn’t looking to date someone at the time but when she was at my house she called him and set up a date for us! She told me that he was a shy guy and that I’d have to be the aggressor, which was a problem for me since I’m pretty shy around people until I really get to know them. We met for coffee at Starbucks and let me tell you shy didn’t even begin to describe this guy. He was so awkward and barely talked. I’d ask him a question and he’d give me one word answers and that was it. When someone says something like “so where are you from?” don’t you usually respond “well I’m from xyz, how about you?” I got nothing from him, it was basically a one sided conversation. After about an hour of torture I told him that I had a ton of things to get done because I was planning my parent’s 30th anniversary party at the time. We had a super awkward hug goodbye and never talked to each other again. I just told my mom’s friend he wasn’t my type.

One day maybe you will be able to laugh at this. (I’m sorry, I did kind of chuckle over it!) It sounds like a nightmare!!

:teehee: wow…I agree on some people deserve rudeness…I did chuckle a bit too… I’m glad to read that you are going to talk to them more before going out with them…becareful :hug:

Poor Hildie!

Although I feel really bad for you Hildie, this story made me :roflhard:. But then I was very :pout:. Then, I :roflhard: a little more. :shifty:

I don’t really have a bad date story that I can remeber. Dh and I have been together since I was 18, and I only really dated 2 guys before that. THe first passed away my senior year in high school, and the second decided he was gay, got hooked on drugs, and robbed a bank pretending a stick was a gun. He is in jail now.

Holy cr**!! :passedout: I thought I had a few bad ones where the guy wouldn’t talk or a few minutes into it we both knew we were on separate sides of the world and it would never go anywhere but I never had a date like that. Thankfully! You poor thing!!!:hug:

I totally agree with Amanda!!

:hug:I’m so glad you’re safe! Please don’t worry about being “rude” in a situation like that. He started it, after all.

I’ve met some really amazing people through personals in the past (including DH), so I know it can be a successful. Please be more careful, though. I’m the paranoid, type, but I’ll list some of the guidelines that worked for me…

Screen, screen, screen! Don’t consent to meet someone unless they satisfy your criteria. You have to decide what they are, but remember, you are an incredibly intelligent, funny, caring, and super cool person, and you don’t deserve any less. Never, ever settle. When you write your ad, make it clear what you’re looking for. It’s good to have high standards. It will impress the people you want to attract, and hopefully dissuade the ones you don’t.

When you decide a candidate might be worth getting to know better, don’t give him your phone number. Ask for his, and make sure your number is blocked when you call. Don’t divulge any identifying information (address, work place, etc.) until you’re sure you can trust him.

Meet in daylight, at a public place that you don’t usually frequent. Set time limits beforehand. You can always change them later. If you don’t like him, take a non-direct route home.

Don’t go anywhere alone with him when you first meet – taking a walk seemed very risky to me (as did letting him into your car, for that matter), but as I said earlier, I’m paranoid.

If you have any reservations at any point, trust your instincts. They are probably right on. As a woman, the ball is really in your court. You’ll get tons of responses compared to guys. You can afford to be choosy!

I’m absolutely with Jeremy here - you, RUDE, after THIS?!? Good God - he’s an absolute a**! I’m all for being nice, and I’m usually pretty non-confrontational, but you way beat me on the nice-o-meter on this one. I think at some point I would have been like - This is a joke, right? Where are the Candid Cameras? And he has a child??? Who would procreate with this person?

And on the safety factor - please be safe!! I know when I was dating, and I met my husband online, I often would think by being aware, I would be able to keep myself safe. Now I just think I was lucky - actually super lucky since my now dh was my first, and only one of 2, online meet ups.

Better luck next time, Hildie - and treat yourself to a new pair of stellar sunglasses - you deserve them!

Well, if it’s any consolation, I would have stuck it out too. (Until someone called and gave me an ‘excuse’. :teehee: )

Which, by the way, you can always use me for too. :thumbsup:

OMG Hilde! I don’t know if I should be :!!!: or :roflhard:!