Hildie and the terrible horrible no good very bad date

I had the worst date of my life on Monday… I met this guy, Tommy, on yahoo personals over the weekend and he asked me to go out. I drove up to Rockford, about a 45 minute drive, to meet him. Well. he completely misrepresented himself; first off, and i can say this because I am a voluptuous gal, “full figured” is not the same as “500 pounds”. :shock: I was very upfront about my weight issues, and I expected that he was too. Anyway, when I got there, he informed me he doesn’t have a car. (nice). So I got to drive us around. He wanted to go for a walk… we went to one of the state parks and followed the bike path along the creek–which smelled like rotten skunk covered in moldy garbage dipped in fish oil and served with a side of [I]“What in the HELL is that smell???” . [/I]Anyway, if I had known we were going walking in the wilderness I wouldn’t have worn shorts, a tank top, and sandals. The destination was this old stone pavallion, which was actually kind of neat. And it didn’t stink. So we’re talking, nice day, nice to meet you, blah blah blah, and THEN he pulls out a joint!!! :shock: I’m like… “uhm… yeah, maybe that’s not a good idea…” … he reluctantly put it away. Then he asked me about school, so I started going off on my little tangent like i do, and after about 3 minutes he says “well, you don’t have to tell me EVERYTHING! Can I kiss you?” and then proceeds to suck half of my face off… and this is when I discovered his tongue right :ick: As I finally am able to break away, this random snake falls from somewhere above us to the floor and he SCREAMED like a little girl RIGHT in my face. Now, I was startled, taken aback, even frightened for about a third of a second. But he’s like “OH MY GOD OH MY GOD WHAT DO WE DO???” So I’m like “it’s tiny, it won’t hurt us… but anyway, let’s go”. So on the way back to the car I somehow tramped through a patch of poison something (which i didn’t discover until later, of course, and which wouldn’t have happened if I was dressed for the untamed jungle, as it were).

We get to the car, and he says “Let’s get something to eat”. Fine. We went to Old Chicago (like a fridays or applebees if you don’t have them), and I ordered my signature martini (up and extra dirty with 3 olives) and he says “Oh, so you’re a dirty girl huh??” :roll: Anyway, food comes; I ate half my burger and about 5 french fries but my stomach was feeling icky from the pleasant aroma of the woods, so I figured I’d take the rest home. Nope, he finished it for me, without even asking. By this time, I’m like, god, how to i get out of here… i need a plan… i need a plan… THEN the waiter brings the check, and Tommy slides it over to me without even looking and says "thanks for dinner!’ :!!!: I was like “Oh… I hope I have enough cash on me…” I went to the bathroom, called my sister in law, who wasn’t there of course, and told her to call me ASAFP because I was on a crap date and needed to get out.
I realize I could have just left, but I really thought that would be rude. Anyway, so back to his apartment, at which time he invites me in, and I had to use the washroom, so I did, but made it clear I wasn’t staying. He opens the door and there’s this musty odor, and he says “Oh, shit, I thought that would have dried out by now… my son overflowed the toilet this morning.” :ick: :ick: :ick: So I decide there’s no way in hell I’m using the bathroom there. Then he pulls out the joint again, fires it up, and before i had a chance to think of what to do next he gives me a nasty pot-breath sloppy kiss again :ick: My SIL, with impeccable timing, called like a half second later… so she’s laughing her ass off at me and I’m saying stuff like “Oh my god! Is everything okay? When was it? Which hospital? No, I can leave…”

Anyway, so I finally left, got in the car, noticed the poison-whatever rash had started. Fantabulous. I was about halfway home and he called me … “Hey I think you left your sunglasses here. And I had a GREAT time today, you’re beautiful and smart and I really think this is going somewhere special”… I said “Oh, I’m sure it’s going somewhere special, too” (like right down the damn toilet) and then “yeah I’ll call you about the glasses” and hung up.

I’ll miss those glasses.

Anyone else have horrendous date stories?

And I forgot to mention what he does for a living… he’s a part time DJ at a strip club. verrrrry classy. :roll:

:shock: :jawdrop:

Poor Hildie! :hug:

I’m glad I wasn’t that bad of a date! :teehee:

wow… I would say he could probably benefit from a little rude. I’m a super sap push over gal, but even I wouldn’t have come back from the bathroom. I would have left him at the restaurant with no ride and the bill. I definitely would have found my waiter, given him a [I]good[/I] tip, and asked that he not be polite to the man at my table any more.

…maybe it is a good thing I’m not dating anymore. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that:hug:

Me too :oo:

OMGosh - I’m glad you got out there relatively unscathed. Gosh that sounds awful!

:shock: I’m so sorry! :shock:
Once, when I was in college, I went on a double date with this guy. The other couple turned out to be his ex-girlfriend and some guy she was dating. He was totally trying to make his ex-girlfriend jealous by using me. It wasn’t pretty, but it worked, cause they were engaged like two weeks later.
But, it’s definately not as bad as what you just went through. I wouldn’t have even gone to the restaurant with him. I would have driven him home and dumped him right there!:ick:

:passedout: Good god, Hildie! You need to talk to these people longer before you go out with them! Some of this weird creepiness might have come out… I’m glad you survived, but I think I’d write those glasses off!

Ok. Let me see if I get this straight. He lied to you about his appearance, led you through a vermin infested smelly dump,made you drive and left you with the check for dinner and [B]you were worried about being rude?[/B]

You deserve way better than this.

:ick: Sounds like you had a rotten day! Sorry! I would have gotten up when he slid the bill over to me and said, “No, thank YOU!” And then I would have run away! Yuck-o!

For some reason, during the description of the walk…I envisioned that scene from, what is it SNL, MadTV… for the dating service “Lowered Expect tay ay shunsss”. But of course you are not the frumpy woman, but the frumpy guy is on there and they are wandering around in a crappy watery channel area like where Danny ran his car in Thunder Road…remember?
I haven’t had any baaaaad dates…not many dates in my life for that matter…but I did have one guy, altho he impressed my dad by stopping by looking for me and left a rose from his mom’s bushes for me…the bad part is all he EVER talked about on the phone or on a sort of date we went on was his clothes, how he likes to dress, where he likes to shop. he was MetroSexual before that term came about…Booorrrrrrring!:pout:
But this guy? Gross, dumb, and apparently oblivious to his unattractiveness in manner…he has a kid? apparently some chic went back for her sunglasses before…don’t you do it!:ick:

Yeah! Some people deserve rudeness!!!

Next time meet a new guy at a Starbucks or something so you can put on your sneakers and run if it looks like he’s a jerk.

Wow! Thats a pretty horrible date! At least he lives 45 minutes away and has no car! I hope you meet someone nice and relatively normal soon.

Oh! I totally feel for you! I felt like I was having a deja vu moment when I read about your date. I had almost the same thing happen to me but the guy was drinking while he was driving. He ate my meal off my plate (without asking) and then made some rude reference about the Meatloaf song paying on the radio that I said I liked [U]Paradise by the Dashboard Light[/U]- “Is that how you lost it?”

Needless to say it was the last I ever saw of him. There are better guys out there, just hang in there. I did and now he’s stuck with me!

Oh, that’s horrible. Next time, set up in advance for your sister to call you early on. If things are going ok, then fine. If not, use her call to bail.

I once went on a date with a guy (met via a personal ad…please don’t ask) who bathed in his cologne, wore a ton of jewelry (pinkie ring, big chain, etc.) and wore his hair in a pompador. Oh, and he wore knee-length shorts with a tank top & a leather jacket. Yeah. :ick: And he brought his kids, b/c their babysitter was grounded & he didn’t want to cancel our date. He proceded to tell me all through dinner about how messed up his ex-wife was (in front of the kids) and repeatedly told the kids that if they didn’t behave, the “nice lady won’t go out with your dad again.” He actually thumped one of the kids in the middle of the forehead for misbehaving. :shock: He said it was better than spanking. No second date for him!

I do NOT miss the dating world!!!

ASAFP–I like that!! I’m going to steal it!

yeah, I decided that I’m not going to meet anyone else
unless we’ve talked much more extensively. And I didn’t meete him at his apartment, I met him at city hall because it was the closest “landmark” to his apartment which I knew how to get to.

:heart: Jeremy :teehee:

It really was just comical by the end of the evening… I thought it was a funny story to tell :teehee:

traceleigh :shock: OmG!!!

misha, that’;s pretty funny… the babysitter was grounded. :roll: how lame!

friskums you were the BESTESTEST date I’ve had EVER!!! :hug:

oh! i feel bad for you, what sucky date! [I]and[/I] you lost your sunglasses. ugh. some people have no clue how rude or gross their behaviour can be :ick:

at least you can laugh at it!


Oh gosh…it’s kind of funny, but not. I’m so, so sorry!!!

I only dated a couple of guys before I got married, and I just didn’t get asked out much, so I have no stories to share. I can only offer up hugs and prayers that the next guy you go out with has a few manners.


Your date sounds horrible and makes me love that I am not dating anymore. Funny thing is my bad date stories are from someone I thought I knew prior to our date and my blind date (that I said NO to for almost 3 yrs) is now my husband.

My “bad” dates don’t even come close to yours so I won’t even bother. When I think about it though it amazes me that my hubby and I stayed together through our dates…keep in mind we lived almost 3hrs apart when set-up. 1st date water main at my house broke so I met him at a hotel and when he got there I realized I had locked room key in the door and had to wait in line to get another key (nope, not blonde), 2nd date I had told him I grew up kayaking so he planned a kayaking outing in white water kayaks (not the same as touring kayaks I own) so I spend they day paddling 180’s, 3rd date I dodged his attempt at first kiss, 4th date tried to poison him with bad meat (realized it before serving) and we ended up eating pasta salad and dessert. Oh yeah, and somewhere along the line he let me ride his motorcycle (I have my license) and I layed it down in a parking lot :oo:, we went mountain biking and I flipped my bike over a tree root and knocked the wind out of myself and fractured a couple of ribs…

Wow! That sounds like it should be right up there on the “suckiest dates of all time” list. So sorry!! :hug: A least you have a funny story to share.

He should have to mail you your sunglasses. It is the very least he can do after making you drive [B]and[/B] pay for dinner. But to a PO box, though. Definitely don’t want this guy knowing where you live!

I so sorry that you had such a bad date with that loser (and that is exactly what he is). I would have had the server split the check at dinner and split myself. Use the first date to set the rules. It makes things so much easier. Lastly, there wasn’t anything that you could have done to be rude. Ending it early would have saved you from some of that nightmare. :grphug: