Hilarious Sock Site!


So. This is the sock boot camp website. This dude is a riot! I need to have this kind of person teaching me all the time

Omg Hildegard, that’s a riot!!! I bet though I just may make my first pair of socks, Mark socks! :lol:

Excellent… :!: :!: :!:

My mom just finished her first pair (or is close to it), so I’m going to email this link to her. After I’m finished hubby’s valentine’s gift, i’m going to make socks…or maybe a knitting bag since I’ve already accumulated so much knitting stuff :wink: Nah, maybe I’ll do the socks… :?

I think I know what I’m doing this weekend!

What a riot! and oh what pressure!! LOLOL

I just opened this in the other window and it’s loading right now. Can’t wait to check it out, I’m married to a Marine so it should be fun! OoooRaaaHHh!

What a riot. I loved it. Thanks for sharing the site with us. His gardens are wonderful…

Going back to look at the pictures a 3rd time. :lol:

This is a course. It’s disciplined. You WILL make not one, but TWO socks, and you will make them MY way, and you will follow the directions to the T.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: What a hoot!!!

I love this site and can’t wait to make my SECOND pair of socks - Mark’s way, of course. My first project (starting in Nov 2004, I believe) was a baby sweater. My second was this pair of socks. Lots of mistakes, but I wear them all the time - my medal of achievement.

I used all acrylic yarn because I liked the pattern, but am anxious to do some with wool - either superwash or a blend. I started each with a new ball, but the yarn balls themselves apparently started off just a bit off. It didn’t matter until I got to the toes. Then it shows up GREATLY - hence the pose (covering one toe).


Yeah, this is definitly going to be my first sock pattern. Jouf, your coks look great… and who sees the toes anyway, besides you???

aw man, size 2 needles.

anyone up for a knit-a-long? mark’s socks?

I’m up for a knit along…uh that means we try it out together, right? I’d have to wait until this weekend to start, tho…need to rally some dough for supplies!


Amigaribita and Folded Bird - count me in! Size 2?? Okay. I did buy some dpn’s size 2, but they’re short! Haven’t used them for anything. May have to get some others. I’m SOOO tempted to go with the ladies’ size he mentions at the end. But he might find out, and then what?


Not to be sick or anything, but I really wouldn’t mind the ‘punishment’. hehehehe.

Denise…rapidly learning these stitches before the weekend!

I lost something. Who’s Denise? Amigarabita?


Whoops… sorry. I’m Denise/foldedbird. I just sent you a pm a minute ago. I made us a blog for the knit a long, so we can keep track of our progress and communicate with each other. Just a fun thing to do.

PM me your email addy so I can add you as a member to the blog.


I want to do the knit along too. Pls pls count me in. Thankies. I can go out anytime to pick up supplies. Denise said this weekend to start right? That works for me. I “should” be able to have my hubby’s valentine’s gift knitted by then :wink:

How does a knit along work? I know we all knit the same pattern but I mean how often do we post pics or at what part of the project do we post pics? Do we all pace ourselves to try and finish around the same time or is it just a free-for-all?

I’m excited. Going back to Mark’s site…LOADING

Will answer all of your questions in the new thread I started regarding this!

Beldaraan - Can’t wait to start our socks! I have some Lion Brand Wool Ease left around and I’m planning on using that. Should work.