High top baby booties

I based these on a pattern for Converse All Stars, that I wasn’t too successful with. So I changed the pattern & made it my own…

Using GGH Bali yarn (cotton & acrylic) in what i think are very “pottery barn kids” colors…

This is the finished bootie
and here they are before seaming…

The pattern is on my blog if anyone would like to give them a try. They were very easy & quick


Those are cute! Good job!

Oh my…those are adorable!!

Oh my gosh! Those are ADORABLE! As soon as I hear of someone having a baby, I’ve GOT to give these a shot. They are TOO precious. VERY nice job.

Very cool!

Oh my gosh those are adorable - I just bookmarked the pattern for when I find out what sex my nephew’s new baby will be! Thanks - and great job!!!

Thank you so much!!! I was looking for something neat like this for my cousin’s baby. These are perfect. Can’t wait to try the pattern.

You should try submitting these to knitty or something. They are really neat.

Those are too stinkin’ cute!! TFS

Those are just too too cute.

Too, too cute! Love the pattern & the colors are perfect. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.


How does the size look to you? I made one this weekend using the Converse pattern and it looked really big. I assume that was due largely in part to my yarn choice though.

wow, thanks everybody… if anyone tries them & has any questions, please dont hesitate to ask…

wow, thanks everybody hehe… and if anyone tries the pattern and has any questions, PLEASE don’t hestitate to message or email me!!!

AND… about the size, i saw a pattern online for sale, and i thought they looked a bit huge for a baby.

i also think these are a lil big for a newborn depending on the baby (but we’ll see). i think using a smaller needle wouldnt have hurt… and will probably do that on my next pair. and i will be making some more cause it seems like everyone, including ME, seems to be pregnant these days

They are so cute. Thanks for the pattern

They look great.

So very cute … I just found out I am going to be an auntie again … these are perfect … I figure I can uses football team colors … and nascar colors … and of course pink/brown if it is a girl :slight_smile:
thanks so very much!

You SHOULD try to submit them to Knitty! They’re way too cute not to. I wish I knew someone having a baby because I want to knit those!

How cute!

Mama Bear

To cute!!! Thank you for sharing the pattern with us :happydance: