Hiding your stash?

I read someone else saying they hid their stash from the hubby. I am NOT the only one? Honestly, I have a bin hiding in the guest room closet, a bin in the basement and a tiny tin in my son’s room. I also have started a cabinet in the TV stand. And, sometimes I have a drawer full in my office desk (he will never come here so he’ll NEVER KNOW!!!). I guess I need to either start knitting this stuff up or start hiding stuff better :roflhard:

I hide it from myself. Every time I get to looking for a certain yarn that I know I bought I have a really tough time finding it.

I don’t really hide it per se…I sort of just don’t put it out there. This got me in trouble once when my mom came over. I pulled out a plastic bin of yarn and the DBF said “what the he** is that!?” I guess he didn’t know the extent of my addiction…silly him!

i have a king size bed… if you look under it… there are bins with yarn sorted by color :slight_smile:

I have all my yarn i my clost in my bedroom. I do sneak yarn into the house. I make sure no one’s home or I put it in another bag so no one will know :roll:

I am soon getting to the point of needing to hide it ;)…and I’ve thought of a great place…the dog bed. :roflhard: It’s one of those huge round ones, and I figure it would make great stuffing…provided, of course, it were properly encased in something to keep the doggie smell out of it…unless it’s yarn made OF dog hair…then, I hear it wouldn’t matter.

LOL. I don’t have to TRY to make myself forget, I’d forget my head if it weren’t attached!

Trust me, it isn’t on purpose :rofl:

DH knows I have a stash, and he knows where one bin is. He knows nothing about the bags hiding in the laundry room, or the bag in the trunk of my car that I bought today. My Dh has selective knowledge of my stash.

I can’t even possible hide my yarn. My 3 yr old gets into every mini stash I have. I have boxes, bags, baskets, and cabinets full of yarn. My husband has finally agreed that I need built in yarn storage in my craft room. He is going to build built in yarn cubbies like my LYS has. I can’t wait!! :slight_smile:

I have a few bags strwen in the closet in my apartment. My boyfriend will ask when I got a certain yarn and I’ll say, “Oh this? I’ve had this for AGES…”:wink:

My husband knows what I have, not because he cares but because he buys it all for me! :teehee:

You are so lucky! Not that I am not lucky, I am, I have a 3 bedroom house and the 2nd bedroom with a walkin closet is my craft room. TV, desk w/ sewing stuff, bookshelves, futon, and the walkin is ginourmous. :yay: The only thing I am really missing is cable tv up there and I would never leave.:clink:
But I am envious of the hubby making you yarn shelves. I just envisioned them lining all four walls of my room and nearly drooled.:roflhard:

I don’t have to hide my stash…DH knows exactly where it is and is quite happy with it’s location. My stash is currently about 3000 miles away from me locked away in huge rubbermaid containers in storage. I’ve got one bin of it here with me, and I’m not allowed to buy more until I finish some of the things I have on needles.

:teehee:I have a dh who knows where my yarn is but he just doesn’t look in there very often… he did see it all spread out a few months ago when I decided to take over a closet in the computer room…he was shocked by what all I had then but didn’t mind…I don’t sneek anything in either…for some reason it just doesn’t bother him…when I collected Boyds that was a different story (had to sneek them in lol) but yarn he encourages me :happydance:

Mine too. He is always commenting on the amount of yarn i have, if only he KNEW:whoosh:

My Dh doesn’t care how much yarn I have as long as the bills are paid and the kids are fed.

this is too funny, i hide my fabric stash from my husband, well, not so much hide, just put it away in the closet so he doesn’t see how much damage i did. i also never buy a bulk of fabric in one store, i’ll split up the purchases so that they appear smaller. hey, whatever works. :teehee:

I don’t hide mine, but, I don’t have to…hubby doesn’t really pay any attention, he just knows I have a LOT of yarn…lol…I could add 5 more large tupperware bins and he’d never notice…hahaha

I don’t hide it, but when we moved a year ago and I was digging it out from all over (didn’t have a specific place to put it), he was quite surprised at the amount of yarn I had. To be perfectly honest, so was I. He actually encourages me in my yarn buying. That way he doesn’t feel so bad about all the money he spends on DVD’s, comics and video games.