hiding jog in circular motifs?


Anyone know any favorite cool tricks for concealing the jog in between rounds, when doing stranded colorwork for instance? I’ ve hitherto simply settled for sticking it somewhere least conspicuous but it always looks so obvious to me that it’s hard to ingnore and i find it so sloppy looking…


I’ve just knit a pair of Norwegian mittens that put the change of round at the pinkie side of the mitten and used a purl stitch to hide the change. I’ve tried to place change of round between motifs but sometimes that’s not possible.
This article and video seem helpful. Haven’t tried it yet but I will the next time.


Whoa! That video made my head hurt just slightly—but so brilliant!



I agree but she’s the expert! If you try it, let us know how it goes. I have a pattern for another pair of mittens that I can try it out on as soon as the yarn is in stock.


It’s clear she definitely knows what she’s doing.

Well, that video got my mind working outside the box. I had already done a little sketching of a very simple motif idea for my project, and this morning i played around with the graph paper some more and hit on a jog-disguising solution.

The motif has an 8 st repeat, and my piece has 88 sts. I had to add 1 more st to the count right before starting the motif to make the trick work, which I then decreased after finishing the motif band.

the actual WIP showing the area in question:

And my sketched “chart” showing how the beginnings and ends of the rounds fit together:

I can find the single increase and the decrease if I look for it, the irregularity in the motif is also visible, but none of it really glares out at you too much so I’m pretty happy with the result in that sense.

Anyway it’s hardly a universal solution for all circumstances, but I still thought I’d share it in case it inspires someone else with similar ideas.


Very nicely done! Thanks for working out the technique.
It’s a hat you’re making?


Thanks. It does look still hatlike at this point but actually it’s going to be a little vest for my baby boy. :slight_smile:


Finished vest:


That worked out beautifully! Lovely stranded work, too.