I just wanted to say hello. I just taught myself to knit last week. I fell in love with it right away. I have tried everything from crochet to plastic canvas. I found things I like to do but nothing I loved and looked forward to until knitting. And now I have found this wonderful forum to get help and ideas.

You’ve certainly found a place where people feel the same way about knitting. Welcome to Knitting Help!

Welcome to Knitting Help!:yay:

Welcome from Kansas and I love it here, lots to read and get help.


I have a question. If I cast on 40 stitches on circular needles does my number double up?

If you cast on 40 sts by conventional cast ons (knitted, cabled, longtail. looped etc.) you’ll have 40 loops on the needle. Think of the circular as a very flexible straight needle. You can knit back and forth with it or in the round.

Hi. Welcome. This is the place to get help. If there’s something the knitters here can’t figure out, I’d be amazed.

Welcome! This place is so addicting! I’ve just joined a few days ago as well and I can’t stop coming back! Hope it’s the same for you :slight_smile: