I’m a new member from Sparta, Michigan, looking forward to
new friends and learning new knitting tips

Welcome to Knitting Help! We’re glad to have you here! If you have any questions let us know.

Hi there and welcome. I’m still learning so won’t be able to share much but the most basic of tips - but there’s lots of very experiences peeps on here who can help you.


Hi and welcome to a great knitting community!

Welcome to Knitting Help!!! :hug: We’re here for you!

Hi all! Its Niko, moi.

Welcome to the forum! I’m also fairly new here.:waving: Hope you enjoy!

Hi Sharonlee! Welcome aboard, I’m sure you’ll learn tons here (check out the videos especially!). I know I have, and I have received help with questions and problems as well. There is always someone who knows the answer, and everybody is willing to share!