I am a retired mental heath professional and a spinner. I built my own wheel (way too tall, it’s 30") and have another in the works. I’ve crocheted for a long time, but just recently started knitting. I live in West Tx and don’t know if there is a knitting group in my town. I do fine with knitting a whole row in one stitch, but end up with holes in my piece when I change stitches in mid-row. I really want to learn to do other stitches. I really enjoy the videos on KnittingHelp(wearing some of them out). So happy to find this site!

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Doing knit and purl sts on the same row is either ribbing or seed stitch. You have the yarn in back for the knit, and bring it to the front for purl. The trick is to bring it [B]between[/B] the needle tips not over the needle. There’s some videos under Basic Stitch patterns on the Tips page that can show you how to put it all together.

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Some of the holey problems will solve themselves as your tension gets better and you get used to working with the yarn. (A lot of times it has to do with people letting the tension get too loose between the needles, or of knitting too tightly on the needle.) Occasionally it has to do with choosing the correct increase (some methods of increasing show more than others, some leave decorative holes).

You might want to visit the groups forum on this board to see if there’s a knitting group in your area, and definitely join Ravelry – in meatspace, start frequenting your LYS (local yarn store)…you’re bound to find knitters in your area one way or another!

Welcome to KH! As Zina said, this is a wonderful and welcoming community.

I tend to agree with Sue that your holes are probably being caused by inadvertent yarn overs. I made that mistake a lot when I was first learning to knit ribbing. It’s a bit awkward bring your yarn between your needles to switch from knit to purl and vice versa but eventually it will feel natural. Just keep practicing. :thumbsup:

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